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1.2 km long cake in Geneva breaks Guinness Records
12-year-old's church 'wedding' to highlight plight of child brides
4 Funny Text Messages, and What They Can Teach Us About Life
4 Signs of Emotional Abuse
5 Ways to Encourage and Nurture Imagination in Your children
6 Options For Contacting Home When Travelling - For eGeniuses And Technophobes Alike
98-year-old student says he feels "born again" after learning to read and write
99-year-old artist says his brush and canvas keep him alive
9 Good Reasons To Retire Overseas
A|X Armani Exchange Enlists Fashion Icon, Kate Lanphear
A Beginners Guide To The Delights Of Champagne
About Authority, Credibility, And Celebrity
A Brief History of Espresso
A Brief History of French Doors
Abusive Relationship Help - Changing the Dynamics of Abusive Relationships & Habits of Victimization
A centenary couple celebrates Valentine's Day
A Crippling Snowstorm Can't Stop The Mad Dash Of Valentine's Day Deliveries
A Croatian housewife offers tourists a regional souvenir: the penis warmer
Actor Stephen Fry Reveals Suicide Attempt During Interview
A Dutch zoo welcomes a brand new baby white rhino
A former Mr. Universe celebrates 100th birthday
Africa Fashion Day Wants To Raise Awareness For African Culture In Germany
African Born Supermodel Pledges To Help Cut Maternal Deaths In Malawi
African cuisine excites taste buds at Lusaka food fair
African Designer Alphadi Brings His Desert Style To New York
African Literature Celebrated At Kenya's Foremost Literary Event
African Photographers Explore Life Along World's Longest River - The Nile
Afternoon Tea is the new black
A History of Snack Vending Machines
Air Stewardess Branson Arrives In Malaysia After Serving On AirAsia Flight
A Lacy Elie Saab Collection Blossoms At Paris Fashion Week
All The Places You Can Click For Love
A Lot More Van Gogh At Revamped Museum
Ambitious - Not Any Road Will Do
A Medieval Pilgrimage At Vivienne Westwood's Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
American wins Air Guitar World Championships in Finland
"Anchorman" sequel
Ancient Koran unveiled for London Hajj exhibition
Ancient Paris brought back to life with a virtual 3-dimensional experience
A new Titanic rises in Belfast
A new way to detect lung cancer? Dogs can sniff it out
A prickly situation: Cat stuck on cactus for days
Archaeologists meet ahead of predicted Mayan end of the world
Archie comics features its first gay wedding
Armani Prive Unveils A Fluid, Shiny And Sensual Collection In Paris
Armstrong comments on doping were not as expected says Oprah Winfrey
A round-up of the best Life stories of 2012 - Part 1
A round-up of the best Life stories of 2012 - Part 2
A round-up of the best Life stories of 2012 - Part 3
As Catholic churches close down in the Netherlands, priests ship surplus altars and crucifixes to the developing world
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