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World's longest table in Singapore invites 550 diners

posted 24 Jul 2011, 03:59 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 24 Jul 2011, 04:02 ]
Singapore attempts to enter the Guinness World Records by building the world's longest table. Diners welcome the historic event at the Singapore Food Festival.

SINGAPORE (JULY 23, 2011) (REUTERS -   Singapore attempted to make history and enter the Guinness World Records by building the world's longest table at the Singapore Food Festival on Saturday (July 23).

550 people dined on a spread of Indian food on the 160-metre (525-feet) long construction, set in the middle of a road in the Little India area in Singapore.

The Singapore Book of Records said they would present the island city's bid to the global authority, the Guinness World Records.

Eng Huat Ong, the president of Singapore Book of Records measured the table using various methods, including tape measure and a digital measuring wheel.

He said that in order for the bid to be successful, the construction must be a single long table.

"The whole table must be one integrated, a single long table and not an assembly of many tables together. The second criteria is that it must be professionally manufactured," he said.

The record attempt's organiser, G. Shanmugan, said the bid was set to be at 120 metres (394 feet) at first, but he increased the table's length due to popular demand.

"So initially, I planned for 120 metres, and it turned out well, and just four days ago, all these seats were sold and then I increased it to 160 metres," he said.

Some people who dined at the table took the opportunity to enjoy the Indian cuisine.

"I've always wanted to come down here, so this is fantastic. I think they're doing a really really fun thing, and Indian food is going to be good, so this is nice," 56-year-old Steffen Tringe said.

Others said they were happy to witness Singapore's attempt to enter the record books.

"We feel happy because Singapore is now being placed on the map where everyone knows that we are now in the Guinness World Records so it's actually a proud thing for Singapore and for all of us actually," 21-year-old Sunita said.

Singapore Book of Records said it would take one to two months for the bid to be finalised by the Guinness World Records.