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Women vandalize Mumbai bar over offensive name of cocktail

posted 2 Jan 2013, 09:56 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Jan 2013, 09:58 ]

A group of women vandalize a famous bar in Mumbai city, raising objection to a cocktail called 'Balatkari' (rapist) being served by them.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRAINDIA (JANUARY 01, 2013) (ANI) - A group of women vandalize a famous bar in Mumbai city, raising objection to a cocktail called 'Balatkari' (rapist) being served by them. .

Belonging to the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), the women not only tore off the menu at the bar but also demanded police to arrest one of the owners, Nevile Timbadiawho according to them has been publicizing about the drink.

Women expressed their anger over the bar promoting a permissive and casual attitude towards rape.

"We got information that a drink called 'Balatkari' (rapist) is being served here at the Bonobo bar. It is shameful to know that some people do not consider rape as a heinous crime and use it in such a casual manner. The co-owner, Nevile seems to think that this is some kind of a joke. I think he has no respect for women," said Chavan.

Recently the gang rape and death of a 23-year-old woman in New Delhi this month has sparked debates on many things from an Indian society centred on the well being of men to the tendency of Bollywood films to portray women largely as mothers or sex objects.

The paramedical student, severely beaten, raped and thrown from the moving bus inNew Delhi two weeks ago, died in hospital in Singapore where she was flown by the government last week for specialist treatment.

She had suffered brain injuries and her internal organs were severely damaged.

Sexual violence against women in largely patriarchal India is widespread, say gender rights activists, and crimes such as rape, dowry murders, acid attacks, honour killings, child marriages and human trafficking are common.

But the savagery of this crime - where the victim was raped for an hour and tortured with an iron rod which did serious damage to her internal organs - has stirred national debate and put gender issues on the political agenda.

The attack has sparked an intense national debate for the first time about the treatment of women and attitudes towards sex crimes in a country where most rapes go unreported, many offenders go unpunished, and the wheels of justice turn slowly, according to social activists.

In another incident, India's rapper, Honey Singh often dubbed as a youth icon recently invited the wrath of many protesters who consider the lyrics of his songs as offensive.

Despite gender sensitive laws being in place for decades, including those outlawing practices such as dowries and child marriage, they have been poorly implemented largely due to a lack of political will, activists say.