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Wine in the Bible: Why Did Jesus Make Wine When the People Were Already Drunk?

posted 16 Nov 2010, 15:09 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 16 Nov 2010, 15:10 ]

In Jewish weddings, wine plays a very important role in the
wedding celebrations. It is very important for the wine to
last until the very end of the wedding, so that everyone has
enough booze to drink. As luck would have it, at the wedding
where Jesus turned water into wine in the Bible, this was
not the case.  The second chapter and the third verse in the
Gospel of John says that "When the wine ran out, the mother
of Jesus said to Him, 'They have no wine'." Clearly there
was a shortage of wine during the wedding ceremony.  As you
can imagine, this was quite an embarrassing situation for
the hosts.  So the mother of Jesus sought His help.

People may ask, "What kind of wine maker was Jesus?  Was the
wine he concocted of high quality?  First of all, let's
understand that the Bible does not tell us clearly whether
the guests were already entirely drunk. It looks like they
were in the middle of the celebration when the wine ran out.
So they were already somewhat tipsy.  And we all know that
even poor wine tastes great when you are already drunk.  But
the important thing to notice here is that Jesus would not do
things differently, depending on the intoxication of the
guests. He would always create good wine. It is said that He
is always perfect in His work.  Let's investigate further.

The most popular book in the world states: He is the person
who created the heaven and earth. The Bible says in
Colossians 1:16 that all things were created by him in
heaven and on earth, both the visible and the invisible. Be
it thrones or powers, rulers or authorities, everything was
created by Him and for Him. If God created the heaven and
the earth so perfectly, how can He not create  wine
perfectly as well?  For further proof, in 1 John 1: 3 we
read that all things were made through him, and that nothing
was made, that has ever been made, without his help. So the
Bible is very clear that God (and thus his son, by the
transitive property) created all things both visible and
invisible. Yes eggheads, this does include quantum particles
as well.

The Old Testament states that the edges of the universe,
which are visible to the most powerful telescopes (and even
those things beyond), are His workmanship. Moreover, even
the things that are in the invisible realm, which we call
heaven were also created by JC and his father .  Thus the
Person who created everything, that exists both in the
visible and invisible realms, can only create anything in
perfect beauty and order. It can be no doubt that the wine
He created at the wedding at Cana in Galilee was also
perfect in all its grapey goodness as well.

Was the wine organic, kosher wine?  Now THAT is another
debate altogether.

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