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What Is the Best Stretch Limo?

posted 13 Sept 2010, 13:32 by Mpelembe

They are the height of luxury, the ultimate in style, the
epitome of glamour, and the most exciting way to get round
town on special occasions. They are of course, the stretch
limousine, chauffeur-driven.

Most hire companies have a full range of limos to choose
from: the Hummer H2 White Pearl, Infiniti QX56, Cadillac
Escadale, Lincoln Navigator, and Lincoln Town Car. They are
all white, very long, and exude ultimate class.

Perhaps you have a special birthday on the horizon, or a
prom for your daughter to arrange transport for? Maybe
there's a bachelor party that needs planning, or you have an
important group of businessmen arriving that need to be shown
a good time? Whatever the occasion, you always should
remember, "This day is important, and I'm gonna mark it in
style." It is the extra touches that that can make all the
difference on the big day of a celebration, event, or party,
and they don't come much better than a ride in one of these
mobile disco/cocktail lounges!

All the limos have the following great features: chrome
rims, gull wing doors, full drinks cabinets, television
screens, disco lights, floor-to-ceiling laser show,
fantastic comfy seats, and terrific mega-watt sound systems.

But why have so many limos to choose from? Aren't they all
the same? The answer is, "No." There are significant
differences that make choosing not only a lot of fun, but
also practical.

The first is size. It is also the main difference. The
Hummer White Pearl is the largest, with a capacity for 26
passengers. The Lincoln Town Car holds a more modest maximum
of 10. In between are the Lincoln Navigator with seating for
14, while the Infiniti holds 20, along with the Cadillac

Another big difference lies in the interior décor. The
Hummer, Cadillac, Infiniti, and Navigator all have plush
white leather settee arrangements with beautiful designer
trimmings, while the Town Car has a more executive feel in

There are also slight differences in the layout of the four
white interior models, but possibly the most telling
difference has to do with moon roofs. It is the moon roof
that is arguably the "extra touch" alluded to earlier.
Cruising along the streets in an open-top vehicle is fun at
the best of times, but when it happens in a stretch limo
with the music playing, drink in hand, the party mood in
full swing, there is no other feeling like it.

It is the ultimate in joy riding! For that reason, for this
limo fan, the Hummer, and the Navigator are the pick. But in
truth all of the stretch limos have to be seen to be
believed. And any one of them can be hired to be enjoyed.

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