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What it Takes to Give Up Working in a Civil Engineering Firm

posted 29 Sept 2010, 06:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Sept 2010, 06:47 ]

As a father of three children, I am proud to say that my wife
and I have made a good job in raising and supporting them.
Two of my kids are already on their own; with a stable
career and family while the youngest is still studying in
college. All this time I have been working hard to provide
the growing needs of my loved ones. I am a civil engineer
and I have worked in three firms for almost thirty years and
the last one where I am hired right now is where I have
stayed the longest.

It is fun to be a working father although there are
downsides to it. Depending on your profession and the
demands from your work, at the end of the day you go home
with the lights already out and all of them asleep. The next
day, you wake up early and they are still asleep. Sometimes
your job requires you to travel far and that is the most
difficult part because you will leave behind your family
temporarily. You will not be there for them in case
something happens. Moreover, you always put to mind that you
have to do this no matter what happens because this will make
their lives more convenient.

Working in a civil engineering firm demands a lot of time
from me. I love my job but I also love my family. Finding
balance is not always easy because you will end up
compromising one for the other. What I do is I give time to
spend with them whenever I am free and I talk to them just
about anything. My wife has been so supportive of me all
this time and I am so thankful for that.

In a man's life, he is traditionally given the role of the
provider of the household while the woman watches over the
kids. I must admit it is such a rewarding feeling to be able
to give them more than what you expect you could, materially
speaking but sometimes if you pause for a while and look
around you, you will realize that what matters to you the
most is the time you are with them. That is why I have
already made up my mind. I am soon going to resign in one of
the most respectable civil engineering firms. I will give
this up just to be with my family because I am afraid I will
regret this if I do not make use of my remaining time here on

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