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What is God, Allah, Jehovah; according to Angels and Archangels?

posted 2 Oct 2010, 19:46 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Oct 2010, 20:22 ]

In 2005 I was contacted by the Angel of Death:- Archangel
Azrael and given a mission:- Ease their pain.

He trance-channelled through my wife, who is a Spiritual
Avatara. When I say trance-channel, I mean he took over her
physical and mental body to communicate with me. He spoke
through my wife, with a very old-sounding, Germanic type
accent. To say it was overwhelming and frightening, is an
understatement. We have had many conversations since.

The word 'God' for me was always difficult, since I grew to
be an atheist and non-believer, yet as I developed my
business teaching skills in communication, I learned about
the power of the self-fulfilling philosophy, and the
Universal Life-Force Energy, and like many Quantum Mechanics
scientists and Quantum Physicists, I now accept there has to
be a life-force 'out there' which has created our universe.

In my many conversations with Archangels, I have been able
to build my knowledge of creation, what the universe is,
what the Angelic Realm is, and why we are here.

According to what the Angels tell me; God is...

- Light.

- The one thought.

- The one super-conscious mind.

- Universal, creative energy.

Energy combined is a creative energy. We are all part of the
creative energy; as are all things that we are aware of.

Most people try to perceive God as a being, in a particular
place 'out there' or 'up there' or 'in here'.

I am told that God; light; The Creator; the universal
creative energy; is beyond human comprehension.

We cannot communicate with God directly. We have to
communicate with God's messengers: the Archangels, Ascended
Masters and Angels.

They tell me that no-one has 'ever' been spoken to by God
directly. God has used Angels for voices and as messengers.

God is not a being as we know it. We can only comprehend God
when we pass over to the 'other side'

To be able to pass over to the other side; the next
dimension; we have to 'believe' that we do. We have to
believe that the soul continues to exist.

If you don't believe in 'anything'; then to 'you' it doesn't
exist. So if you don't believe in the soul and its existence
in the next life, then you can't pass over to something that
doesn't exist. This, for the vast majority of the people in
the world, is a new belief.

Imagine trying to comprehend this 200 years ago; let alone
thousands of years ago, when the books of the Bible were
written. It would be like asking people to comprehend mobile
phones, digital camcorders, space travel and special effects
on films.

God has been traditionally based on whatever mankind could
conceive in the past.

Many people in the UK; far more than in the USA and the rest
of the world; have been turning their back on religion. But
the interesting thing is the rise of spiritual awareness
that is taking its place.

What does that tell us? Maybe that millions of people have
lost faith in their religion, but still want to have faith
in 'something', and are aware that there's an 'intelligence'
that still can't be explained, but cannot be denied. And
they're right.

Mankind's perception of what God is, has been programmed
since the first scriptures were written. People have been
programmed that God created mankind in his own image. The
youth of today are fast moving away from accepting this.
They just need to understand what God is; and learn about
the structure of the way God communicates to us, through

If God is all things, then he is all things and not just in
the image of mankind. We are just a part of that image.

God is energy. We are energy. I am told we are condensed

Many people need to understand how to pray properly, in
meditation. This is how we connect to The Creator's
messengers, who are there to help us and guide us along our
pathway to enlightenment.

Many people need to be educated so they can believe in this
new belief. The children of the world are the ones who are
losing belief in The Creator the quickest, as they evolve in
a technological, media-driven world. They are being
programmed with super-heroes, monster aggressive aliens and
special effects, which detract and even conflict with a
spiritual world.

My children at the ages of 10 and 12, still can't easily
differentiate between special effects and reality. It has
taken years to get them to understand that the dinosaurs in
the film, 'Jurassic Park' aren't real. Because they see
them, they believe they are real and still alive today.

The media want to sensationalise the spiritual world by
portraying spirit as evil. This gets them ratings and more
viewings. Look at the T.V. programmes such as 'Haunted
House', 'Most Haunted' 'Derek Acorah's Ghost Towns' and 'An
audience with John Edwards'.

Just think about this. People are fascinated by the unknown.
They are fascinated by fear, as long as it's confined to a
T.V. screen.

People like the controversial. People like to look at other
people's misfortune. We gravitate to the negative, instead
of the positive.

Now try telling the youth of today to look at love, peace
and harmony; and to them; it's not 'cool'. Is it any wonder
that the youth of today are not accepting the belief of The

Science has overtaken spiritualism in a big way. So it's up
to the adults who are becoming more spiritual, to pass on
this belief to the children.

Many Christian Church Leaders want to depress the spiritual
world by preaching from the Bible about the wrong-doing of
speaking to the 'dead'. Yet if those preachers would read
the Bible properly, they would see many chapters which say
it is OK to speak to Angels. But because people are so
negative, they gravitate to questions like, "But is it
really an Angel speaking to you, or is it Satan?"

Imagine a Christian leader, who's given their life to the
church. They meet me; an atheist for 50 years; who is now
talking to Angels. Come on! Put yourself in their shoes. Do
they really 'want' to believe me? Might there just be a
'little' jealousy there? Wondering, "Why him, when I've
devoted my life to God?"

Now ask yourself, "How many female religious leaders do I
know?" How many do you see? Surely that must be
representative of the early Christian conspiracy to suppress
the rise of women, to keep power and control?

It took until 1971 for the first two Christian women to be
ordained in Hong Kong.

It took until 1974 to ordain female priests in the USA.
There were 11 initially ordained.

1975: Four women are ordained as priests in Washington, USA.

1976: Six female priests are ordained by the Anglican Church
in Canada.

1977: Five female priests are ordained by the Anglican
Church of New Zealand.

1987: Women are ordained as deacons in Australia.

1987: A woman deacon is ordained in England.

1990: Women are ordained as priests in Ireland.

1992: Church of England voted to allow women to be ordained.
About 470 male clergy left the church in protest; 58
subsequently returned.

2000: There remained about 1,000 congregations in the Church
of England who refused to accept the authority of women

God created men and women to have separate tasks so they
could work in harmony. In its simplest format; man being the
hunter, food provider and protector; woman being the child
bearer, educator and short range nest protector. They had
different complimentary roles.

Woman was the natural 'people person'; the educator. Woman
has the natural leadership role, yet has been suppressed.
God is aware of this.

Some people may say, "If God is almighty, why does he allow
poverty, cruelty and despair. Why doesn't he just change
things? Smite people down if necessary, and allow us all to
live in harmony and be happy. Why does he allow catastrophes
which devastate the human race?"

Well I'm beginning to form a picture from the angels that
God 'isn't' in control, and can only guide our fate through
contact with the Angels, because he gave us Free Will.

Free Will is our 'get-out' clause, which allows us to do
whatever we want, whilst our Creator watches what happens as
a result.

This is just a beginning for me, and many others like me,
around the planet. I didn't choose this. It was dropped on
me; but they are very persistent.  My second entity meeting
was with Archangel Metatron. He is the 'voice' of God.
Metatron wants the voice of children to be heard; in that
children speak the truth, yet are programmed into negativity
by adults. The journey for many of us, has just begun.

About the Author:

Glenn Harrison is an ANGEL MESSENGER. He was contacted by The
ANGEL OF DEATH: Archangel Azrael, in 2005; and later,
recorded messages from over 50 Archangels, Ascended Masters
and Light-Beings.
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