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What Does Mind Over Matter Mean?

posted 28 Nov 2010, 04:54 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 28 Nov 2010, 04:55 ]

When someone says you have mind over matter what they are
really saying is that you create with your mind. Many of us
take it too literally. It is not magic or anything that has
to do with the supernatural. What it really is all about is
using your mind to make what you want to happen, happen.

Take for instance the Wright Brothers. They wanted to make a
flying machine. The idea came to them, then they made a plan
and built their plane. This is mind over matter.

They started with a thought and ended up manipulating matter
to fit their design. Even though what they accomplished
didn't involve anything supernatural it was their minds that
made something appear.

Everything is created in the same way. First there is a
concept formed through thought and when there is enough
desire and focus on obtaining the end result the universe
will find a way for you to make it happen.

For instance you want to get a promotion. The first thing
you do is decide what that promotion entails. By making your
desire detailed enough and having enough determination the
path you need to take will appear. Of course you have to
listen to what the universe tells you and ACT accordingly.

Wishing does NOT work. Only true imagining works. See a
thing in your mind's eye. Tell your subconscious that it is
real and that you possess it. The universe will then go
about creating the possibility and then tells you what you
must do to make it a reality.

The whole process is really quite straightforward and
logical and anyone can utilize their abilities to manifest
what they want in this manner. When you exercise your mind
its capabilities become apparent so that your desires make
it possible for you to get what you want from the universe.
Ask the universe to tell you what actions you need to take
is also imperative in this equation.

Thought + Desire + Ask + Listen + Act = Possession Once you
have the thought and desire it to become true you must ask
for it. There is a recognized source of all things, which
we'll call the Universal Mind and it will happily create
anything you desire. Then it goes one step more and it will
tell you how you can obtain it, if you listen. When you've
accomplished everything to this step you only have two more
things to do, listen and act.

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The mind has capabilities that can enable anyone to construct
the life they would rather be living. It is not magic, but it
might as well be. Your Intentional Mind Power is just waiting
for you awaken it and put it to use. It wants to create and
you are holding it back because of your limiting beliefs.
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