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Welcome to the UK from Merton

posted 25 Nov 2010, 11:46 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Nov 2010, 11:47 ]

Internet sensation Merton welcomes passengers to the UK with an improvised song and a smile at London's Gatwick Airport

MCSAATCHI HANDOUT - Travellers arriving in England on November 24th at Gatwick Airport, were treated to a welcoming song from the internet's Youtube and Chatroulette sensation, 'Merton' playing improvised songs on his bright pink grand piano and serenading them through the arrival gate.

Merton found fame incidentally whilst amusing himself and others on webcam/chatroom site, The hooded and bespectacled performer would improvise ditties on his piano about the stranger on the other side of the screen.

His witty one-on-one performances were an instant hit among Chatroulette users, who uploaded his skits which quickly spread all over the web. Soon people were logging on with suggestions and requests for a customised, improvised tune from the sudden star.

While maintaining his anonymity under a green hood and lenseless glasses, Merton was happy to make a public appearance at Gatwick to play the shocking pink piano provided by T-Mobile, the mobile phone provider behind the series of flashmob advertising campaigns throughout London.

Merton said, despite his new found popularity, he plans to keep his true identity under wraps.

"If I get to a certain level of fame a certain type of media will become obsessed with finding out who I am and it will all end at that point. But right now its nice and I have a very low level of fame and not that many people care about exposing me."

Merton is due to make pop-up appearances around random areas of London, surprising and entertaining an unsuspecting public for the rest of the week.