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UK setting the trend in men's fashion

posted 8 Jan 2013, 09:39 by Mpelembe   [ updated 8 Jan 2013, 09:40 ]

 Reuters Business  Report -   Tweed, tartan and bowler hats.

When it comes to menswear - British is next season's vogue style.

This is the launch of the latest collection by menswear label Hackett.

It's part of 'London Collection: Men' - the city's first ever autumn fashion week devoted entirely to menswear.

According to Hackett's founder and chairman Jeremy Hackett, British menswear is in high demand.


"All over the world, we are exporting to ChinaVenezuelaMexicoItalySpainFrance - all over the place and everybody has this real appetite for Britishness I mean it's just, a big, big revival. We are very well placed which I think is great for all British brands really."


"Until now it's always been women's fashion that's dominated the industry and that's plain to see in malls like this one. Hackett for example is practically the only shop here that specifically sells just menswear."

But the industry is making bold strides, and not just on the catwalk.

According to market research company Mintel, the UK men's fashion market grew by 3.2% in 2011.

It's predicted to swell a further 16% by 2016.

The growth is down to a rise in the average selling price of items.

Many of which are modeled by supermodel David Gandy.


"Menswear now has become so huge - it's a nine billion a year industry in the UK and it's 21 billion over men's and women's so in an economy that isn't doing particularly well, I think that fashion is of high importance and it's just great to shout about that."

but it's a different story in the traditional fashion capitals of Europe.

Growth is almost flat in both France and Italy.

And with styles like this, perhaps it's no surprise Britain's the one getting noticed.