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The Top Christmas Toys 2010 - 10 Must Have Hot Gift Ideas

posted 2 Nov 2010, 06:40 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 2 Nov 2010, 06:42 ]

You can find lots of different top Christmas toys lists that
have been produced by the main toy retailers from sales
throughout the year and leading up to the Christmas period.
But each one has a slightly different view as to what they
predict will be the hottest toys for 2010.  As the festive
season quickly approaches we need to find out what are going
to be the top Christmas toys to be able to order them in good
time to guarantee delivery.

How to avoid disappointed kids on Christmas morning takes a
little forward thinking. Initial indications through sales,
when they are released early on in the year, may suggest
that a certain toy will be in big demand. But trends come
and go in the blink of an eye. And what was hot last week
may be a definite lemon when it comes to being one of the
hot Christmas toys.

Making matters worse is the fact that some blockbuster films
have created spin off toys and merchandise that may only get
released very close to Christmas. This means that if you are
not quite on the ball they could all sell out before you have
had a chance to even check any of them out! Last year in 2009
the big surprise best sellers were those cute and cuddly zhu
zhu pets. Manufacturers struggled to keep up with the sudden
incredible demand for them which had a knock on effect
leaving the retailers with very little stock. And there were
many disappointed kids on Christmas morning.

The huge demand for the zhu zhu pets could be partly down to
everyone having to tighten their belt financially as the
price for them was quite reasonable. This year sees a
mixture of toys on offer at a wide and varied price.

We've looked at all the hot lists released by the big hitter
retailers worldwide and many of them agree on what are
predicted to be the top Christmas toys for 2010. Here's the
list of top 10 kids toys as predicted. They are in no
particular order but they will give you good indication as
to what you should be looking at buying.

1. Xbox 360 Kinect - The ultimate gaming experience where
your whole body becomes the controller. Motion sensitive and
even voice activated. If you are a Gamer you're going to love

2. Dave The Monkey - Also known as Dave The Funky Shoulder
Monkey. This cheeky little guy sits on your shoulder and
interacts with you and hurls abuse at innocent passers by!

3. Kung Zhu Hamsters - The upgraded and toughened up
versions of last years big sellers the zhu zhu pets. They
are now fully trainable by you as you take them from being
cuddly little hamsters and turn them into ninjas and Special
Forces battle hamsters. There are also various add ons such
as battle armour, tanks and even a battle arena.

4. Paper Jamz - These are innovative new toys that turn you
into a rock god instantly. Based around simple touch and
play technology they come in different styles of guitars,
drums and amps. Totally addictive and made of paper!

5. Monopoly Revolution - The traditional family favourite
property trading board game has been updated. It reflects a
truer sense of property price values and even has electronic
sound effects. And the square game board is now round. No
more paper money, its all on the card!

6. Vtech Vreader - Also known as Storio is an interactive
animated ebook system for kids. You load story cartridges
into them and they have games as well as stories to listen
to and read. It also has an on board dictionary. Stories
include Scooby Doo, Dora the Explorer and Toy Story 3.

7. Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear - This features the
cool buzz Lightyear jetpack with afterburner lights with
phrases and sound effects straight from the movie. For the
Ultimate Space Ranger toy it's got to be Buzz!

8. Baby Alive Bouncing Babbles - This aimed at the 3 to 5
year olds. Hold her hand and she bounces up and down like a
real baby giggling happily. Then you can cuddle her close.

9. Justin Bieber Doll - Not available until early December.
Justin Bieber has firmly cemented himself as heart throb pop
idol and they have released a line of dolls. They are all
dressed in the Bieber style and play 30 second snippets of
his hits. Could be a dark hose this one and a surprise hot

10. Ben Ten Ultimate Alien Mark 10 Car - A perfect replica
of Ben's car from the latest Ultimate Alien Series it can
transform into lots of different modes. It comes with an
exclusive Ben Tennyson figure and the modes are drive,
hover, fly and submarine.

This by no means an exhaustive list and the hottest toys
change quite a lot. But this is a great starting place and
if you look at buying any of the toys on this list you won't
go too far wrong! My last comment on these toys is that they
are already hot items and they predicted to sell out fast.
Don't leave buying your kids gifts till the last minute -
you will be disappointed!

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