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It's Time To Move Nearer To Your Ailing Mother

posted 29 Oct 2010, 14:42 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Oct 2010, 14:44 ]

In 1993, my mother was diagnosed with dementia, a crippling
mental disability that affects memory. It was devastating
news and the experience was complicated by the fact that I
was living three states away and was the only member of my
family who could move home to take care of her. I knew that
I had to make the decision to move back and I had to make
that decision quickly.

One of the issues I ran into as a result was how to go about
moving. Can I do it by myself or should I call a moving
company? What moving supplies would I need? How long would
it take? The process seemed daunting, as I was living on my
own at the time. Sure, I had moved before, but never such a
long distance move. I had lived in the same state my entire
life, and now I was having to face some tough choices.

In the end, I hired a moving company, as this seemed like
the easiest way to handle things. I was surprised by how
simple the process was. The movers showed up on time with a
large moving truck and all of the supplies I needed to move.
They were friendly and explained the entire moving process to
me, ensuring me that my property would be taken care of. They
packed up everything, boxing what needed to be boxed and
wrapping furniture with blankets and pads, carefully loaded
it all into the moving truck, and actually arrived before me
at my mother's home.

Once there, they unloaded everything for me while I was able
to spend time with my mother. Before leaving, they made sure
that I was satisfied with everything and told me to call
them back if I noticed any problems in the next few days.
This was one of the easiest moves I've ever made and I sure
am glad that I hired a moving company.

What I realized from the whole experience was that hiring a
moving company can be a great idea in a situation such as
mine. When I found out that my mother was ill, I was
stressed out, to say the least. Having to deal with my
mother, her doctors, my job, and all of the normal
day-to-day things left me with little time to figure things
out. I'm glad I didn't make any hasty decisions during that
time, as it would have been easy to just jump in the car and
leave all of my possessions behind.

Stress can make you do things you might regret later. Hiring
the moving company made everything a breeze for myself and my
mother. If you're in a similar situation, I know you're
having to make some difficult decisions. If moving is one of
them, do the easy thing and hire a moving company. The
process will be simple and will leave you with more time to
take care of the things that really matter.

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