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The World's Most Romantic Cities

posted 11 Dec 2010, 05:34 by Mpelembe   [ updated 11 Dec 2010, 05:37 ]

There are certain places in the world that make you want to
fall in love. Places where the air smells of passion and you
immediately find yourselve sucked into it all. For those of
you looking for love, take a trip to…

1.       Paris, France

Unlike a romantic beach setting, where you're likely to be
with someone you love, Paris makes you fall in love all on
your own. There is something about the city streets, the
buildings, the intoxicating food, and the gorgeous people,
that makes you want to live longer, better, and more
passionately. Its magic makes you feel that you really could
fall in love on the metro, or standing in front of the Tour
Eiffel, or walking along the Champs Elysee.

2.       Mykonos, Greece

There is something very warm about falling in love under the
sunset by crashing waves. Mykonos is Greece's party island,
and probably its most visited. There is everything from
delicious restaurants to fabulous hotels, to amazing
nightlife. But amidst all of the chaos it is possible to
escape for a drink somewhere hidden, and in that moment,
maybe fall in love.

3.       Venice, Italy

Venice has got everything that you could want out of a city.
It is in Italy, which speaks volumes for its food, drink,
fashion, and architecture. Moreover, it is a floating city,
and therefore surrounded by canals, and filled with sweet,
narrow streets. Some of the most romantic attractions
include Piazza San Marco, Canale Grande, and Ponte di
Rialto, but in Venice, you can fall in love anywhere.

4.       Buenos Aires, Argentina

There is something enveloping about Buenos Aires. They say
it is the Paris of South America. Architecturally it is
astounding, the food is sensational, the people gorgeous,
and the fashion, very a la mode. The best part though, is
that amongst it all, it is South American, which means it
has a spirit and joie de vie that is impossible to match.
The clubs are off the charts, usually not opening until 2
a.m. and closing around 7 a.m.

5.       Barcelona, Spain

There is no better place to find Spanish culture than Spain
itself. Gaudi has charmed the city with his sensational
architecture which is spread out over the streets and roofs
that make up this enchanting place. The Spanish are the
creators of tapas, the fabulous style of eating which allows
you to try, and share, everything. At night, visitors can
wander the cobblestone streets and listen to Spanish guitar
while enjoying a glass of delicious wine.

Enjoying a meal, taking a walking, or flying a hot air
balloon over any of these cities is enough to make even the
least romantic people feel inspired. Book something for you
and a loved one, or go alone even, maybe you'll meet someone
or better yet, fall in love with a new place.

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