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The Truth About Dating Younger Women

posted 25 Sept 2010, 18:12 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Sept 2010, 18:13 ]

A lot of men would prefer to be dating younger women. But
they're nervous about trying to meet younger women and get
dates with them, because they feel they're "too old" to be
attractive to them. These guys assume that the only way to
land a beautiful younger girlfriend is to be a rich "sugar
daddy" who shells out money for their companionship.

But if you're interested in dating younger women, the truth
you need to realize is that women actually LIKE older men.
In fact, this instinct is hard-wired into them.

It's true. Over the past 200-plus years, the United States
government has been taking statistics for the ages of
couples getting married. And every year, there is a wider
gap between the ages of women and men who marry each other.

Every year, the guys get a little older, and their wives get
a little younger.

In fact, when guys get married for the SECOND time, they
marry women who are 10 years younger, on average.

You may be surprised to learn that when men get married for
a second time, in 20% of the cases they're marrying women
who are 20 years younger or more.

Younger women are drawn towards the sense of stability and
security that an established older guy can offer. And men
are biologically programmed to want a woman who is young,
healthy, and fertile -- possessing the necessary
requirements to produce his offspring.

But it's not just about sex and having kids. Scientific
studies have actually shown that the life span of a man is
increased when he lives with a younger woman. Her youthful
excitement and energy literally rubs off on you, and makes
you feel, and act, younger.

Now that I've explained some basic facts, I'd like to talk
to you about younger women in more detail. In fact, what
they are hard-wired to desire?

Answer: A masculine, healthy, secure, confident and
emotionally stable MAN.

Notice, I didn't say anything about looks, or six-pack abs,
or money. The words I used are masculinity, security and
stability -- traits that are deeply and powerfully
attractive to younger women.

Young women are wired to find those qualities deeply

Sure, she might find herself physically attracted to some
25-year-old "bad boy" who has more tattoos than ambitions.
But she will NOT feel long-term security and attraction with
that guy.

She wants a MAN in her life who has life experience and
sophistication, and can provide emotional strength when she
goes through her emotional dramas. She wants a MAN who has a
plan in life.

There are evolutionary reasons for this.

Women are programmed to seek security and safety, which
provide the best means to raise a child, and it's a safe bet
that an older man will have increased world knowledge, and
other important assets including personal skills and greater
life experience.

Society seems to force the view that it's older men who are
"chasing" younger women. In the majority of cases, it's
actually younger women who are seeking out older men to

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