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The Origins of Healing: 1- An Overview

posted 25 Nov 2010, 10:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Nov 2010, 10:58 ]

What does it take for us to heal our broken, fragmented
lives? How do we escape the ravages of disease and a
haphazard medical/industrial complex? How can we find
fulfillment in a world dominated by anger and indifference?
Where do we find meaning in a life filled with emptiness and
boredom? What will it take to find a way through the maze of
the spiritual circus that dominates the media? What is it
that keeps us in a cyclic pattern of dysfunction,
despondency and despair? How do we stop sabotaging our own
healing process? These are some of the issues which burden
so many of us, in a world which appears to have gone amuck.

I didn't start my healing and spiritual journey because of a
great love of divinity or some religious institution. I did
it because I was broken in more ways that I could even
comprehend. In intense physical pain, I was emotionally lost
in a world I could hardly fathom and one that certainly,
didn't understand me. I am not a doctor or holder of any
advanced degree. I'm simply someone who trod down a path,
and with a bit of grace, stumbled upon some profound

During this journey I discovered some deeply disturbing
truths about myself and the nature of reality, humanity and
healing.  In following a healing path, I came up against my
resistance to spirituality and the maize of pseudo truths
regarding most religious and spiritual teachings. I also
uncovered depths of love and joy much greater than those I
had chased with mood altering substances.

Previously I talked about the "Origins of Di-ease" and the
role of our programming in the destructive process of
degeneration. Now it's time to talk about what we can do to
reclaim the possibilities, many of them hidden, which is our
inheritance for this human journey on planet earth.  First,
let me define what I mean by the term healing. Healing means
to make healthy whole or sound and that refers to all levels:
the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My unabridged
dictionary even goes so far as to list, "to free from evil".
So for one, it might be to have a peaceful passing, while for
another it is to come to an acceptance of life's circumstance
and let go of suffering. Someone else may have a complete
cure for a physical ailment and another it may be a clearing
of a lifetime of emotional anguish. Still others seek to move
beyond their limitations either on a linear or a spiritual

Over the eons, people have employed a variety of strategies
in their quest for healing and the ones who recover from
their challenges seem to share some common characteristics.
They all have a belief in some form of a higher power or
consciousness which has the ability to heal them, and are
willing to surrender their fate to that power. They accept
responsibility for their circumstances and resolve to change
those thoughts and patterns which created them. They possess
a deep reason to live, not just a fear of death but
something to look forward to. They also have gratitude for
the gift of life and look for the positives no matter how it
unfolds. These attributes are universal and apply to
happiness, prosperity, dealing with major illness as well as
those seeking enlightenment.

The question then is how to shift those things within us
which are not in harmony with these basic tenets of healing.
 That then brings us to the issue of our ability to change;
something we have a tremendous capacity for resistance to.
In recent years words like cellular memory and the "Biology
of Belief" have surfaced, addressing this resistance along
with modalities to help facilitate change. The articles to
follow will address these questions as they relate to the
various modes of healing.

About the Author:

David Lowell has been working with energy and healing for 30
years. His clients and students include people from all
walks of life on 5 continents. He is the author of "The
Struggle to Surrender: Love, Consciousness & The Quantum
Field" and publishes "Perspectives" an irregular free Ezine.
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