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The Many Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

posted 24 Oct 2010, 06:27 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Oct 2010, 06:28 ]

Though just a cheap and common household chemical, the uses
for hydrogen peroxide are many.  Hydrogen peroxide is an
acid, and don't let the gentle bubbles fool you, hydrogen
peroxide is actually a very powerful acid.  The reason why
it doesn't seem very powerful is because bottles of hydrogen
peroxide you buy at the store contain only 3% hydrogen
peroxide.  The rest is just water.

You can imagine then what it would be like at 50% strength.
Hydrogen peroxide is a very clean and effective chemical
because its molecular makeup is so similar to water.  Water,
as everyone knows, is H2O.  Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 and
when it reacts with things, it produces water and oxygen
gas.  That's what makes it such a clean, efficient chemical.
 There are many different uses for hydrogen peroxide, some of
which are detailed below.

1. On Garden Plants. Hydrogen peroxide is perfect for the
garden. Not only does it help eliminate pests, it also
brings oxygen to the environment. Spraying it on the leaves
of plants also helps support good health and strong growth
by acting as an oxygen supplement. When used on the soil, it
oxygenates it as well, which helps plant roots expand and

2. Stain Remover. Hydrogen peroxide works as a great stain
remover. If you spray it quickly on the stained area, it
will take out even things like blood and wine. On clothing,
spray it on the effected area and rub it together gently.
Then wash as normal.

3. Fungus Remover. Fungus likes to build up in different
places, especially the bathroom. Using hydrogen peroxide on
bathroom surfaces helps to get rid of fungus. You can also
soak feet in it to help eliminate foot fungus.

4. Bleach Replacement. Hydrogen peroxide helps to bleach
things. That's why it's used in teeth whitening gels. Using
it in your washing machine instead of a cup of bleach is
cheap, safe, and effective. It will help whiten clothing.

5. Spray it on Vegetables and Fruits to Rid them of
Pesticides. Before you wash your fruits and vegetables,
spray it on them to help break down the pesticides so
they'll wash off easier.

6.  As Mouthwash. To whiten your teeth, gargle some hydrogen
peroxide in your mouth for a few minutes each night.  This
helps eliminate bacteria and whitens teeth at the same time.

Hydrogen peroxide can be bought in varying strengths.  Food
grade strength comes at 35% instead of the standard 3%.
It's used extensively for medical applications, and has many
exciting experimental health benefits.  Because of the high
amount of oxygen it creates, it's used in the treatment of
diseases and ailments that prefer anaerobic states inside
the body.  Things like cancer cells, even the aids virus,
can't grow with large levels of oxygen present, and
injecting it intravenously into affected areas can cause
these diseases to die.  Though this research is
unsubstantiated and preliminary, many people seem to have
good things to say about hydrogen peroxide therapy, which
has also been called oxygen therapy.  Other than for medical
application, food grade hydrogen peroxide is also used as a
household chemical, though you'll need to dilute it first.
It's a good tool for oxygenating and cleaning an area.

So before you reach for expensive grocery store chemicals
which often are harmful, why not try using chemicals that
are more natural, cheaper, and safer.  Using chemicals like
these instead of expensive brands bought at the store is not
only a great way to save some money, but also a good way to
increase the safety of your home with a multipurpose
chemical.  Home remedies aren't used as much as they once
were, and it would be nice to see some effective safe
chemicals back in wide use again.

About the Author:

I hope you got some good ideas for different ways you could
use hydrogen peroxide.  It really is a great chemical.