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The Get Rich Quick Illusion, Get Rich Quick And Easy!

posted 22 Oct 2010, 14:46 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 22 Oct 2010, 14:48 ]

In our modern day and age, people want everything to happen
right now! They want money quickly and they don't want to
have to do a lot to earn it. I admit, I used to be the same
way, I would go to a seminar and walk out feeling like I was
already a millionaire.

The Truth

The truth is that there is no such thing as a get rich quick
and easy solution. The quicker you come to this realization
the easier your journey to wealth will be. Marketers
understand that people want a quick fix or a quick solution
to the problems they are facing. So of coarse when they
craft these ads or seminars their job is to make you believe
that you can become rich quick with little effort. That is
what people are asking for and that is what is delivered.

The Illusion

Unfortunately for the people who pay for the products or
services, there is really no such thing as a get rich quick
formula. It is nothing more than an illusion, but it is
usually where most people start on their road to wealth. You
can still achieve success relatively quickly in anything that
you do, but I can promise you that it will not be effortless.
The people who are pitching the get rich quick idea are in
fact putting a lot of time and energy into what they are
doing. They are busy speaking and putting ad campaigns
together, that are aimed at people who are lazy and want a
quick fix to the problems they are facing.

Offer Value

Once you accept the fact that there is no such thing as easy
money and getting rich quick, you will progress out of that
stage in your quest for wealth. In order to make money in
business you have to offer value to others or benefit other
people's lives somehow. The more people's lives that you add
value to, the more you will be paid. With all of the
technology we have available to us today, it has made it far
easier for us to reach and effect the lives of people all
over the world. The internet has made it possible to add
value to thousands of people's lives with the touch of a
button. That is easy, but it is not a get rich quick
mentality, it is coming from a mentality of wanting to
better the lives of others and offer you gifts to the world.

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