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Tango Aficionados From Around The World Descend On Buenos Aires For Annual Festival

posted 15 Aug 2013, 03:37 by Mpelembe

The strains of tango pour out of Buenos Aires as thousands of tango aficionados from throughout the world arrive for the annual tango festival and world championships.

BUENOS AIRESARGENTINA (AUGUST 14, 2013) (REUTERS) -  The Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World Championship got off to a swinging start Wednesday (August 14) night with a performance by famed Argentine tango group, Sexteto Mayor.

The group, which formed in 1973, opened the annual celebration and tango competition in front of a large crowd of tango enthusiasts and artists.

More than 2,000 artist, musicians and dancers are expected to take part in the festivities that will run throughout the city until August 27.

"It awakens dreams. There are many people who come to compete, dreaming to make it to the finals. We, the "milongueros" (an Argentine word for a person who dances tango socially), we dance almost everyday, as much as possible and that's how it is here - on the dance floor - it's what we do and what we feel," said tango dancer, Viviana Gallo.

The public is also invited to take part in tango classes, milongas (tango dance halls), shows, concerts, conferences and product fairs, all of which are free of charge.

The festival coincides with the Tango World Cup competition which will feature some 500 dance couples in salon and stage tango categories from all over the world.

"We meet people from different countries and even though we have competed in other years, we are continually surprised by the countries that come - they are very different countries - and well, it is a source of pride that the World Tango Championships are here in Buenos Aires," said dancer, Norma Martin.

A winner in the more technical and traditional salon tango competition will be crowned on August 26. The winners of the more showy stage tango competition will be announced on August 27 to close out the festival.