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TAG Heuer Celebrates the 150th Anniversary in Paris, the High Point of a Historical World Tour

posted 1 Oct 2010, 06:16 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Oct 2010, 06:53 ]

TAG Heuer Celebrates the 150th Anniversary in Paris, the High Point of a Historical World Tour

PARIS, September 30, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- The Odyssey of Pioneers, the first world tour of an electric roadster, ended in Paris, at the LVMH Headquarters, with a cortege of artists and celebrities who came together for the occasion. Amongst them, Leonardo DiCaprio, who launched the tour six months ago in Basel, HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Bernard Arnault, President of the LVMH Group, all committed to the same sustainable development goal. The festivities organized for TAG Heuer's 150th anniversary were brought to an impressive close.
Driven by Elon Musk, Chairman and co-founder of Tesla Motors, the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster made its entry into the Atrium at 22 av. Montaigne, applauded by over 400 guests. Jean-Christophe Babin, TAG Heuer's CEO, was there to also welcome Alain Prost, Jean Todt, Antoine Arnault and Gerald de Palmas, just to name a few.

"If I count all the World Records of which we are so proud, I reach a total of over 50 patents, which means that every two or three years we have created a milestone in the history of watchmaking. An amazing example of continuity and perseverance in innovation through the generations," declared Jack Heuer, Chairman of the brand. "The Odyssey of Pioneers is proof yet again of our determination to constantly innovate, create, reinvent ourselves. Today, we are also committed to protect the planet," concluded Jean-Christophe Babin.

The Odyssey of Pioneers

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer launched a travelling exhibition of its most beautiful timepieces in March 2010 in Basel. Symbols of an ever-evolving story, they are milestones in an epic dedicated to innovation - from the oscillating pinion to the Mikrograph, from the Time of Trip to the Carrera 1887, from the first dashboard chronographs to the iconic Monaco, it is always a matter of measuring the tiniest possible period of time. In order to conduct this road show in the manner of the Olympic flame, the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster - the result of an exclusive partnership between Tesla Motors and TAG Heuer - crossed 3 continents and visited 16 cities, thus achieving the first world tour with a 100% electric GT car.

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