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Style Over Comfort In New York Fashion Week Amid Snow

posted 10 Feb 2013, 12:40 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Feb 2013, 12:40 ]

As the the U.S. Northeast is starting to dig itself out of a blizzard, attendees march on with style to view the collections during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. The winter storm that dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds on Friday (February 8) caused some designers to make some scheduling changes in the viewing of their Fall 2013 collection to the public.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORKUNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 10, 2013) (REUTERS) - Not even a blizzard could stop fashionistas from cooking up a storm with their attire at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City on Sunday (February 10).

The U.S. Northeast started digging itself out after a blizzard dumped up to 40 inches of snow with hurricane force winds.

Both the backstage area and the entrance of the theater had snow plowed away from the walkways, giving attendees safer areas to walk through despite the slippery conditions.

But even as the snow started to subside, it was not an easy task for fashion-forward ladies to feel warm yet be comfortable at the same time.

"I think that honestly, when it comes to fashion you can't really think about the weather. You're going to be inside. And it's most important to look good when you're inside. So, I don't know. Just, kind of, suck it up and do it," said Alexandra Berbaeum, a public relations rep working on one of the shows in the theater.

For stylist Najaam Lee, the winter season was a chance to pile on layers of clotihng while giving color to her ensemble.

"I think the first thing is always to keep warm. And then the other thing is just to think about what will make you stand out and make you pop," Lee said.

Mickey Boardman of Paper magazine thinks that shoes play a vital role in dressing up when attending the shows.

"The shoes are the problem because, you know, you want to wear sexy high-heeled shoes. The thing is, to really, just again, have a car and maybe have some boots in the car and some sexy shoes. But otherwise, people have - don't - won't forgive you," the editorial director said.

"Luckily, I'm a guy and I can wear sneakers. I can wear something kind of funny and loud patterned," Boardman added.

Some runway shows were affected by the snow and had to make changes with their presentations, causing people who have flown from all over the world to miss the opportunity to see their collections first hand.

"I think that was really brave. And I think that's very honorable because I'm sure they did it for people's safety and because they wanted to make sure that nobody was going to get hurt or, you know, to avoid accidents. So I think that's really, a really good idea and really commendable," said blogger Johnny Matatov who was on his way inside the theater.

On Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York declared a state of emergency before the storm.

According to the weather service, winds gusted to 83 miles per hour (134 km per hour) at CuttyhunkNew York, and brought down trees across the region.