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Stress is a State of Mind!

posted 27 Nov 2010, 14:13 by Mpelembe   [ updated 27 Nov 2010, 14:15 ]

Stress - A state of mind!   You must be kidding or you may be
saying "what is she,  nuts, I can't control stress everything
around me is stressful."

Yes you can!

Of course there's stress in life, in almost every aspect of
life in fact, however, that doesn't mean you have to
actually get stressed or overwhelmed.

You have a choice.  It's not about never having stressful
situations it's about how you handle challenging situations
when they come up.  I personally choose not to buy into
stress and have techniques in place so that there isn't
stress in my life.

Next time you are in any kind of stressful situation ask
yourself if it serves you to start panicking, getting
anxious or feeling overwhelmed.  Instead of immediately
getting uptight ask yourself what solutions there might be
to the situation instead.

Do you have debt? Do you feel stressed about money and
paying bills? These are often the two most stressful
situations for people.

Set things up in advance so you don't get caught in the debt

Don't just wing it where money is concerned.

Set up a monthly budget to pay your bills, buy groceries and
other essential items and figure a little extra for
emergencies.  There's nothing wrong in using coupons to save
money at the market or buying things from a 99 cent store.

If you stick to the budget it also allows you to pay off any
debt you might have a lot faster so you don't have to be
overwhelmed or get panicky when the next bill comes in. When
you no longer have debt, you'll feel a huge sense of
gratitude and relief which will allow you to feel more
relaxed and calm.

Working too many hours can cause stress.  Has your
business/job become your life?  Has it taken over so you are
spending more time with your job and less time for yourself
and your family?

It's quite simple to learn how to balance your professional
life with your home life. This too is about choice.  Make a
commitment to yourself that when you leave your job for the
day work stays where it belongs - at work.

If you have a home office which I and most of my clients do,
setting business hours becomes essential and when you are
finished, close the computer and walk away.  Your mind needs
to be on you and your family when you are home.

I know this might sound silly because of course if you
didn't breathe you wouldn't be here however, there's
breathing and then there's deep breathing.  Deep breathing
allows you to release and loosen up tiny nerve endings in
your body.  Take a break every hour and close your eyes,
scrunch up your shoulders and then just relax them and take
in at least 10 really deep breaths, all the way down into
your stomach. Acknowledge how good it feels to take this
time just for you.    Just a few minutes every hour can make
a huge difference.

Use a timer so you can better track your time with each task
you need to get done.

What does your office, home or car look like?  Do you love
to walk through your front door at the end of a day or do
you know that you are walking into some kind of disorder?
Are you embarrassed to give someone a ride because your car
is so messy?

Is your office a place that feels good so you create your
days with focus joy and passion or are there piles of paper
and mess everywhere so it feels disorganized?

Your environment is extremely important to your state of
your mind!   Disorder in any of these arenas tells me that
this person's mind is not calm.

This is not about perfection it's about creating a space for
you that allows you to open yourself up to feeling
spiritually at peace.

Use color, plants, pictures, candles a small desk fountain
or anything that brings a feeling of calm and peace.

Make sure all paper is in a cabinet or at least in neat
piles so the energy in the room feels clear.

Your car doesn't need to be washed all the time however you
can make it tidy so that too gives you more powerful energy.

NO is one of the most powerful words in the dictionary and
yet many people are still afraid to say no!

First ask yourself why you don't like to say no.  Often it's
because you don't feel secure enough in yourself and if you
say No, someone won't like you. You really don't have to say
yes to everything!   Practice saying No to small things

Create boundaries. You can still help others just remember
not to go overboard. People will actually have more respect
for you when you stick to your boundaries and you will have
much more self confidence and won't get that over-worked,
overwhelmed feeling of having so much to do you don't know
how you're going to get it all done.

Attempting to tackle too many things at one time can create
stress! This is something that is extremely prevalent in

Just because you want to do everything doesn't mean it all
has to get done immediately. Multi-tasking doesn't work
effectively. You end up with a dozen things half done
instead of a few things completely finished. Set priorities.
Choose your top 1-2 and complete those first. Then move on to
the next two. By chunking down this way you allow yourself
more leeway.

You're a human being, not a robot. You don't have to be
perfect and wanting instant gratification is a sure path to
creating stress and overwhelm.

Your brain can take in a lot of information and it can also
overload so do it a favor, focus on one thing at a time and
believe it or not, you will find that everything gets done.
It's easier to be creative when you leave space to 'be'
instead of always doing!  It's also much more attractive to
the universe when you are at peace with yourself.  Imagine
how it would feel to change your energy and be positive,
confident, calm and relaxed.

About the Author:

Hazel Palache is a certified results coach, speaker and best
selling author as well as a certified NLP practitioner and
clinical hypnotherapist. She teaches women-preneurs how to
attract more clients, work less while making more money so
they can delete stress and have financial freedom. She
brings 25 plus years experience in the fields of personal
development, psychology, spirituality and business.