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Stewardess caught off-guard by mid-flight marriage proposal

posted 18 Jan 2011, 06:01 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Jan 2011, 06:03 ]

Couple on cloud nine after unique marriage proposal.

Passengers on TAP flight TP744 which departed from Lisbon to Barcelona on Monday (January 17), watched with surprise as a unique marriage proposal was made as an in-flight announcement.

Just as surprised, was crew member Vera Silva, whose boyfriend was travelling on the flight on one of his usual business trips.

Silva, 29, had worked at the PGA, the Company's Regional TAP, for around three years and has been dating groom to-be, João Vieira, 33, for four years.

Vieira mustered the courage to take advantage of this latest trip, went to the cabin phone service and asked his girlfriend to marry him

"Vera Silva the reason for my presence on this flight are two reasons," he declared over the airplane's intercom before surprised passengers. "The first is because I love you a lot and because I want to ask you a question: will you marry me?"

Grabbing a microphone from the other end of the cabin, a stunned Vera Silva replied "Yes" to applause from the crew and travellers.

"Initially, shock, embarrassment. A lot of embarrassment! I thought about hiding me in the bathroom but then I thought twice," Silva said afterwards about her initial reaction to the novel proposal. "The attitude he had today, it's been so ever since I met him, but this time he excels himself."

Crew members operating the flight, who are personal friends of both the bride and groom, were complicit in making the special moment happen.

"In 35 years, is the first time this has happened, It was funny!" said flight captain Pedro Mathias.

More than 80 passengers also ended up as unwitting participants in the unfolding love story.

"It's the first time I see a marriage proposal on a plane and will stay for the story. Very touching . Congratulations to the grooms," said one Brazilian passenger.

"It seemed very pretty the action of the boy. Cheers and hope that everything will be as beautiful as the proposal," said another passenger from Venezuela."