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Social media slip leads to party riot

posted 22 Sept 2012, 18:09 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Sept 2012, 18:10 ]

A Dutch teenager forgets to mark her birthday party 'private' on Facebook, leading to 30,000 being invited, and a riot, local media says. Andrew Raven reports.

NETHERLANDS-PARTY RIOTING - From party, to riot.

Police in the Netherlands come under attack as a birthday bash goes awry in the small northern town of Haren.

Some 3,000 youths turned up for the celebration, reports say, leading to pitched battles with riot officers.

Six people were hurt, including three seriously.

It took 600 police break up the party, which resulted in at least 20 arrests, according to one media report.

The birthday girl had orginally planned a small gathering, but mistakenly made her event public on Facebook.

News of her party quickly went viral, leading to teens swarming Haren early in the day.

The host and her family had already been evacuated from their home by police, for safety.