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Seven years care by mother helps brain-damaged son back on feet

posted 10 Apr 2011, 06:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 10 Apr 2011, 06:22 ]
Miracle of Love-Seven years care by mother helps brain-damaged son back on feet


CCTV BEIJING - A Chinese mother spent seven years taking care of her brain-damaged son and all her love and efforts finally paid off as his son was back on his feet again.

The miracle in Xia Jingsheng's family is now known to everyone in Zhenjiang,a city in China's eastern Jiangsu Province.

Xia's son Sun Jifei remained in a coma ever since a traffic accident in September, 2004. Various medical efforts had all failed to bring him back to consciousness.

"The hospital issued critical conditions notice to us one after another and we could pin our hope on nothing in ICU. May son was motionless there, always in a coma. Everyone including doctors in the hospital couldn't but lost confidence. Everybody said nothing could be done for my son, who had been unconscious in the Zhengjiang hospital for a whole year. But I said I would never give up even if I had to attend him for decades," said Xia.

The driver of the accident could not afford the medical bill. Xia and her husband thus sold their house and, with the money, provided necessary treatment for their son. But Sun remained in coma after two major operations on him.

"We had a family meeting at that time and everyone said better to give up. But Sun's mother disagreed. She said that as long as Yifei has a breath,we should persist in the treatment and try to save him," said Sun Yuanli, Xia's husband.

The whole family compromised because of Xia's persistence. She borrowed 300,000 Yuan from her relatives and friends, and with this sum of money, arranged a third operation to the son. Finally, 25 days after the surgery, Xia heard a whisper by her son.

"I asked my son if he was calling me. He replied yes. At that moment, I couldn't help bursting into tears. We have 14 months' efforts paid off," recalled Xia.

Sun Jifei suffered from lower limb amyotrophic, as due to being in bed for so long. Xia then started to help her son in rehabilitation training. But it was not as smooth as expected, because of the expense involved and her son's non-cooperative attitude.

"I didn't understand until now that she loves me and everything she has done is just for my benefit," said Sun.

With his mother's persistent help for another two years, Sun Jifei now could walk almost as usual.

"If I could raise more money to further medical care and rehabilitation on him, or if he could be involved in social life as others, he would be satisfied for being able to realize his value of life," the mother added.

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