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Seven-Tonne Big Mango Is Missing

posted 24 Feb 2014, 05:05 by Mpelembe   [ updated 24 Feb 2014, 05:05 ]

A seven-tonne, 10-metre high, Big Mango goes missing from Bowen in Australia.

BOWEN, AUSTRALIA (FEBRUARY 24, 2014) (SEVEN NETWORK) -  A seven-tonne, 10-metre high, Big Mango had disappeared from Bowen in North Queensland in Australia when staff at the Bowen Tourist Information Centre arrived at work on Monday morning (February 24) to find the giant piece of fruit had gone missing.

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"Well, as you can see the Big Mango's gone missing. The girls rang me this morning when they come to work. It was definitely here yesterday and when they come to work this morning they've informed me the Big Mango's gone missing so I come out and sure enough it's no longer there," said Paul McLaughlin, Chairman of Bowen Tourism.

Local media reported that the Big Mango was most likely taken between midnight and 2 am local time (1400-1600 GMT on February 23) and closed circuit television footage is being reviewed but so far the search has proven fruitless.

Some media reports suggested that the whole thing may have been a publicity prank, but McLaughlin said he thought otherwise.

"It weighs seven tonnes this thing and it's three storeys high, 10 metres high and 7 metres wide so it certainly wouldn't have been an easy prank. Normally a prank's a bit smaller than that," said McLaughlin.

Bowen is known as the the mango-growing capital of Australia and the Big Mango was installed in 2002 at a cost of A$90,000 ($81,000), Australian media reported.

Australia has many large pieces of fruit at various locations across the country, including the Big Pineapple and the Big Banana as well as other big things like the Big Prawn and the Big Sheep.