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Russian designer presents extravagant hat collection

posted 2 Nov 2012, 04:18 by Mpelembe   [ updated 2 Nov 2012, 04:19 ]

Russian fashion designer Konstantin Gayday hopes to breathe new life into the Russian haute couture and presents his new collection of extravagant hats inspired by the Russian fairy tales.

 MOSCOWRUSSIA (NOVEMBER 1, 2012) (REUTERS) -  Russian fashion designer Konstantin Gayday presented his new collection of hats on Thursday (November 2) in Moscow inspired by the Russian fairy-tales.

Gayday, who in the past few years has established his brand and secured it a spot inRussia's high-end boutiques, said it took him years to make his latest collection called "12" which consists of just 12 hats.

"The niche I am working in remains unoccupied and unique because it is couture hats, unique ones, rather of the museum type, which are being made from unique materials, which I have been gathering for years. That's why they are rather art objects than hats," said Gayday before the beginning of the show.

Gayday often called in fashion magazines an avant-garde designer, said he drew inspiration for this collection from the Russian legends and fairy-tales.

"During three hours beautiful women will show us a certain story, a certain fairy-tale, which has inspired me. The inspiration for this comes from fairy-tales, legends, myths, which I reflected in the hats," he said.

Gayday uses a combination of rare materials to create hats - feathers of various birds, fur, leather, precious and semi-precious stones. With his new collection he hopes to contribute to the establishment of the Russian haute couture and fashion business.

"Everyone is really afraid to invest money in fashion, to earn from it and to develop this business. Maybe because of this fear there is no fashion business yet," said Mayday.

Gayday's "12" collection received an enthusiastic welcome from the Moscow audience.

"Of course, he is a unique designer, because one of the first he started making things which are not for everyday use, he is making a fairy tale and it seems to me this is Konstantine's know-how. He makes fairy-tale out of nothing," said Masha Fedorova, editor of Glamour magazine.

"Beautiful collection, colours, accessories, everything is great," said Natalya, a bank clerk.

Konstantin Gayday made his first hat collection in 2004 and presented it at the Russian fashion week in Moscow. Russian influential fashion magazine Women's Wear Dailyplaces Gayday among the top ten Russian designers.