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Room completely made of chocolate goes on display for St Valentine's Day

posted 14 Feb 2011, 19:14 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 14 Feb 2011, 19:16 ]

A chocolate heaven -- 17 square meters of living space with walls, furniture and all interior design from candlesticks and paintings to books, all made of chocolate goes on display at a Vilnius supermarket to mark St Valentine's day.

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA (FEBRUARY 14, 2011) REUTERS - A chocolate room has been assembled in a Vilnius supermarket. Chocolate flowers, glasses, chairs, walls and even a white chocolate cat go on display in Vilnius and has been presented as the sweetest room in Lithuania on St. Valentine's Day.

"I create this room from chocolate, because for me chocolate is associating with sweet senses and for this room I did such design for this room that festive dinner can be very sweetly for the couple during nice and sweet St.Valentine's day", says sculptor Mindaugas Tendziagolskis.

Tendziagolskis and his team created from 300kg of chocolate the 17 square meters of chocolate room, where everything from walls and furniture and interior finishing materials - candlesticks, paintings, books.

The chocolate room was not short of admiring onlookers, "I like this, because is looking romantic, as you know, sweet chocolate on St.Valentine's day is fine," says Agniezka Sharipa.

Another onlooker Paulius Salna is also like the idea, "I like (chocolate room), because here is a lot of chocolate and that is very good for the St.Valentine's day. I just miss one item here, a huge heart from the chocolate", he says.

The first chocolate room in Vilnius is planned to exhibit till March,8.