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Reading Relationship Signals, Signs and Danger Points

posted 2 Sept 2010, 06:08 by Mpelembe

When you have broken up from a long term relationship, it is
perfectly natural to miss each other. You probably both have
those feeling of longing for the comfort of being together.
No matter how dramatic the breakup, or for what reasons it
happened. There are many shared memories, you were once in
love and may still have some very strong feelings for each
other hiding under the surface. A little time and space may
cause you to view each other in a different light.

Even if you think you're the only one who still has
feelings, that might not be the case. Pay close attention to
any interaction you two have. Perhaps your ex love is
flirting with you...just a little. Or they might be calling
now and then. Perhaps they are just testing you to see your
reaction. It's alright to be optimistic, but never jump
right back in to a relationship too quickly. No matter how
tempting it is, it is almost always a mistake.

For some reason it is more common for females to play the
"push you away, then pull you back game". If an ex
girlfriend suddenly shows a lot of interest, they may just
want to be reassured that you still care. Perhaps they are
just feeling lonely and want a little attention. They even
could be trying to get revenge for a perceived hurt from
your past.  This isn't fair or nice, but it does happen,  so
be careful!

Take it slow, look closely at what's going on and protect
yourself. Playing it cool and being a little hard to get is
your best bet. Women do not want someone they can
manipulate. Stay focused on your pride as a man and do not
allow anyone to use you. This quality of maintaining your
dignity is very attractive to women, but don't be surprised
if she tests you to see how strong you are.

If you are a woman looking to rekindle a relationship with a
man, it is important that you do not make yourself too
available! Remember men are hunters, they want to pursue and
if you are available at their every beck and call you are
dousing out those embers before they even have a chance to
spark again. For both sexes, negotiating your way back into
a renewed relationship must be done slowly and with care.
You are trying to create something better than you had
before so it's worth the investment of your time and effort.

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