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Police escort Dior's Galliano home after drunken outburst

posted 25 Feb 2011, 05:23 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Feb 2011, 05:25 ]

Police escort Dior John Galliano back home after the designer got drunk and insulted people at a Paris bar.

PARIS, FRANCE (FEBRUARY 25, 2011) REUTERS - French police escorted fashion designer John Galliano back to his home late on Thursday after a late-night drinking session that ended with the Dior star hurling insults at a couple, a police source said.

Galliano was drinking at a trendy bar in the Marais district of Paris before the incident. Paris police brought the British designer back to the police station for an alcohol test and found him to be just over the legal limit.

Police then accompanied Galliano back to his home without filing any charges against him.

One policeman said the outburst was prompted by stress ahead of fashion week, which starts next Monday and at which Dior's show is always in the spotlight.

Galliano's press office had no comment and there was no immediate comment from Dior.