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Pants Are Optional Fashion Accessory On Mexico City Subway

posted 12 Jan 2014, 16:36 by Mpelembe   [ updated 12 Jan 2014, 16:37 ]

Intrepid Metro passengers in Mexico City took to the rails sans pants for the ubiquitous "No Pants Subway Ride" marking the world-wide annual event which began in 2001 in New York. This is the fourth year Mexico City has participated in the event.

MEXICO CITYMEXICO (JANUARY 12, 2014) (REUTERS) -  Pantless metro riders turned out Sunday (January 12) to participate in the fourth annual Mexicy City "No Pants Subway Ride."

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Commuters, some without pants, some who joined the fun by taking their pants off en route, evoked glances, laughter and some disapproving stares as they stood among other passengers in one of the world's busiest subway systems. The yearly event has become popular in cities around the world.

"We do it to get a little outside our daily reality in a city like this one," said event organizerAdrian Pacheco. "It's like a massive joke. A giant joke."

Some passengers just stared as their pantless fellow passengers boarded the railcars but most seemed fairly oblivious to the spectacle.

Even without pants, some of the intrepid 'no pants' riders refused to stand or sit deciding that they would ride whilst hanging across the top portion of the security handrails on the ceiling of their car.

"Some look at you with disgust or are frightened or simply look upwards because they disapprove of what you are doing to the people who laugh with you and ask you for a photograph. I imagine there are some who wish they could participate," said participantLiliana Mares.

The "No Pants Subway Ride" is now billed as a world-wide annual event, starting in 2001 in New York.

In Mexico the event was organized solely via means of social media and they claim to have had a much smaller turnout than in years past with only 800 people riding without their pants through Mexico City.