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New Lifestyle Brand 'Hoochieware' Launches

posted 8 Nov 2010, 08:52 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 8 Nov 2010, 08:56 ]

100% of Net Proceeds Benefit Women & Families Charity, Point Hope

SEATTLENov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Do you dare to make a difference? Hoochieware does and 100% of its net proceeds go to Point Hope, a non-profit that empowers women and supports families, giving them a hand up instead of a handout, teaching life skills and providing opportunities to be successful.

Hoochieware's name is derived from the original meaning of the word "Hoochie," used to describe the Flappers of the 1920's. These true "Hoochies" were courageous, unapologetic and proud of who they were.  All Hoochieware customers, or HGirls, share the self-pride of these women, and make a world of difference for Point Hope with every purchase.  

The Hoochieware collection is a full range of clothing and body products including; artistic novelty tees, perfect fitting jeans and pants, flirty skirts, chic dresses and scent-sational body care products. EveryHoochieware product is exclusively designed to allow HGirls to love and flaunt their radiant selves in sizes XS-XXL, at prices averaging $35–$55.

" H oochieware was created to encourage women to embrace their beautiful, unique-selves, support one-another and have  fun," said Lexi WinklesHGirl-in-Chief. "That's really the true meaning of Hoochie and what being an H Girl is all about."

All net proceeds from Hoochieware are donated to Point Hope, a non-profit that raises awareness and champions the cause for women and families. Point Hope believes that everyone has the right to a loving, nurturing environment and the essentials to live a healthy life. Point Hope empowers and educates women from the United States to West Africa by providing the communities they care for with water, food, shelter, clothing, schooling, jobs and heath care.

"Partnering with H oochieware is a dream come true. We are so thankful for all the courageous H Girls who are standing proud, supporting us and making a difference in our world." said Jan Haynes, Executive Director of Point Hope.

About Hoochieware

Hoochieware, launched in November 2010, seeks to empower women through the products it offers. Its mission is simply to provide items that will allow women to embrace who they are: strong, beautiful, independent and self aware. All net proceeds from Hoochieware are donated to Point Hope to educate and empower women and support families across the world, from the United States to West Africa.  For more information please visit and

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