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Money Can't Buy You Love. Or Can It?

posted 14 Feb 2014, 09:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 14 Feb 2014, 09:58 ]


BVO - They say money can't buy you love.

But perhaps it can.

New research suggests the more you earn, the more likely you are to find a romantic partner.

If you earn over 50,000 pounds you have an almost 100 percent success rate.

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If you earn much less, your chances fall to just 17 percent.

The study by retail analysts Mintel was carried out by Richard Cope.

 Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel,

"I think there's a connection with social mobility, social opportunity. I think people in the top income bracket may travel more, they may work in lots of different places. I think they make more connections during their lifetime. So it affords them more opportunity to meet different partners."

Flowers and chocolates are a traditional Valentine's favourite.

These days neither are cheap.

But these Londoners say you can't put a price tag on love.

Henry, London resident, 

'Love is from within and it's not a financial matter.'

Judy, London resident, 

'Money doesn't make you happy.'

 Lucy, London resident, 

'It's got to be about the personality, money can only get you so far."

For those who don't want to leave finding love entirely to chance, there are on-line dating sites.

They're still the number one way for people to meet.

And specialist sites promising to match like-minded people are helping Cupid's arrow hit the target more and more.

 Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel,

"We're seeing some very niche sites particularly in the States. Things like, that's only going to let you fraternise with fellow Republicans or even which stops you wasting time meeting people that perhaps don't share your dietary intolerances."

Valentines Day is one of the most lucrative days in the retail calendar.

This year the UK market alone is estimated to be worth around one billion pounds.

Singletons are the biggest spenders as they splash out on new clothes and cosmetics - and perhaps a new chance at finding a 'significant other'.