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Models Draped In Chocolate At Belgian Fashion Show

posted 7 Feb 2014, 08:32 by Mpelembe   [ updated 7 Feb 2014, 08:33 ]

Chocolate-lovers gather for the first Salon du Chocolat fashion show and festival inBrussels, showing dresses and designs made from one of Belgium's most famous exports.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM (FEBRUARY 6, 2014) (REUTERS) -  Chocolatiers and chocolate enthusiasts alike gathered Thursday (February 6) evening for the Salon du Chocolat.

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The festival takes place in 19 cities worldwide, but this year marks the first Salon du Chocolat in Brussels.

The main feature of the festival was a fashion show, where chefs and designers collaborated to create chocolate outfits.

Daniella Prepeliuc, chocolate model, said it was like living a dream.

"Everything I'm wearing is made of chocolate. It's quite extraordinary," she said.

"I think that all little girls dream one day of becoming a chocolate woman and having chocolate everywhere around them. So in a way it's a dream come true," she added.

Salon du Chocolat describes itself as "the world's biggest event dedicated to chocolate."

More than 90 chocolatiers, including international chocolate powerhouses Godiva and Neuhaus, each have booths at Brussels's Tour et Taxis.

Chocolate-lovers can see how their favorite sweets are made, try samples and buy gift boxes.

Maud Detombe, hospitality school professor, told Reuters Television that it was the unique nature of chocolate's flavour and versatility that made people come back to it time and again.

"Because chocolate releases different flavours, salty or sugary or spicy," she said.

"It's an explosion of flavours in your mouth. It's very interesting and tasty, very elegant. That's that," she added.

Salon du Chocolat will be in Brussels through February 9.