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Missoni shows winter knits hoping heir is alive

posted 13 Jan 2013, 10:38 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Jan 2013, 10:39 ]

Missoni menswear show opens in gloom over missing son and heir Vittorio Missoni.

MILANITALY (JANUARY 13, 2013) (REUTERS) - Italian fashion house Missoni, whose heir and marketing head Vittorio went missing over a week ago off Venezuela, reworked its landmark coloured knits for its 2013 autumn/winter show in Milan on Sunday (January 13).

The family-owned company, known for its exuberant sweaters and zig-zag patterns, went ahead with its show despite awaiting news about the fate of Vittorio Missoni, the oldest son of the company founders.

Vittorio's sister, Angela, was in the backstage of the show on Sunday, which was closed to the media, and said in a statement she would not release interviews or comments.

The show featured innovative knit techniques made in Sumirago, the little northern town in the Lombardy region where the company was founded 60 years ago.

The plane carrying Missoni, 58, his partner Maurizia Castiglioni, another couple and two Venezuelan crew members disappeared after taking off from the resort of Los Roques, an archipelago off the Venezuelan coast, on January 4.

The family has been tweeting furiously over the past nine days, begging local and Italian authorities to continue searching.

They have expressed confidence that Missoni and other members aboard are still alive.

Vittorio is co-owner with siblings Luca and Angela, who respectively handle the technical and design sides of the firm. They took over managing the company from their parentsOttavio and Rosita in 1996, aiming to relaunch the brand to a larger, younger market as rivals Gucci and Burberry have done.

Under Vittorio's guidance as marketing head, Missoni has opened hotels in Edinburghand Kuwait and launched the Missoni Home collection. The house on Sunday took inspiration from the colours of the north American landscape, working a subdued palette of greys, anthracite, silvers and greens for its 2013 autumn/winter collection.

The fashion house's landmark zig-zag pattern were turned into stripes inspired by north American motifs and wrapped around cardigans, fur stitch blazers and denim pieces.

The show ended amid warm applause but the designer did not make her usual salute to the guests as the curtains remained closed.