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Mary Poppins: Our Favorite Part Time Nanny

posted 17 Oct 2010, 02:24 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Oct 2010, 02:26 ]

We can only hope that anybody who had a nanny at some point
while they were growing up has nothing but positive memories
from the experience. Or at the very least, that they have a
handful of positive memories from the experience. I know I
certainly do. I remember one time, I cleaned up my room so
well that my part time nanny took me out for ice cream.
These days I can get ice cream whenever I want, but hey,
when you're seven years old, a Baskin Robbins Reward for
cleaning your room makes for a pretty memorable afternoon.

However, no matter how wonderful my childhood nanny memories
may be, or anybody's may be for that a matter, no nanny
placement company will ever be able to get an employee like
the wonderful (albeit fictional) Mary Poppins.

Made famous by the 1964 Disney musical film starring Julie
Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, a lot of people don't realize
Mary Poppins was originally a series of children's books.
Written by P.L. Travers and initially illustrated by Mary
Shepard, the book's centered around the nanny service of
Mary, who like in the film, popped in-and-out of the Banks
family home with her umbrella carrying her on the East Wind.

Although Mary seemed to come-and-go as she pleased,
categorizing her services under "part time nanny" can't
really be disputed.

The first book, entitled simply Mary Poppins, was published
back in 1934. In the story, no nanny placement company is
needed; Poppins comes in to the home of the Banks shortly
after their most recent nanny quits, equipped with her
"traveling carpetbag." In the first novel, Mary and the
children experience a plethora of different adventures,
including having tea on the ceiling, a birthday party at the
zoo amongst the animals, and a trip around the world with a

There were eight books about Mary Poppins and her nanny
service in total: Mary Poppins Comes Back (1935), Mary
Poppins Opens The Door (1943), Mary Poppins in the Park
(1952), Mary Poppins From A to Z (1962), Mary Poppins in the
Kitchen (1975), Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane (1982), and
Mary Poppins and the House Next Door (1988).

Tragically, the author of the Mary Poppins stories passed
away on April 23, 1996 at the age of 96. Since Mary Poppins
and the House Next Door was published in 1988, it seemed the
world would hear nothing more from its most famous nanny.

This is, until 2004. In December of that year, a stage
musical adaptation was produced based on both the 1964 film
and the P.L. Travers novels. After previewing in Bristol,
England and running briefly at the Prince Edward Theatre in
London, Mary Poppins The Musical got nominated for nine 2005
Oliver Awards. Less than two years later, the show was on
Broadway, and Mary Poppins, the world's greatest part time
nanny, was back once again.

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