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Let's Go For a Ride

posted 19 Nov 2010, 06:58 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 19 Nov 2010, 06:59 ]

The verb 'ride' is defined as "to move along in any way; be
carried or supported". Life is a ride- metaphorically
speaking. What are the other types of rides? There are many
objects that can move or carry us, such as cars, bikes,
balloons, but often ride implies a thrill. Here are some
thrilling ways to ride.

1. Skateboarding:

Skateboards themselves are pieces of plywood with a pair of
wheels. Riders stand on top of them and glide along
pavement. This is very difficult not only due to the balance
involved but also because of the fact that you are not
strapped in. In the 1960s skateboarding became very popular
and by the 80s they were being mass produced across the
States. They are more of a sport then a mode of
transportation. Serious skateboarders hang out in skate
parks and challenge themselves by performing tricks off of

2. Biking:

Bike riding is a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.
It's a great activity to do with friends, family, or on your
own. If you're interested in exploring a new city or area, a
bike is a great vehicle to take. Some people like to ride
inner-city bicycles and use them as their mode of
transportation. Others prefer off-roading with heavy
mountain bikes. Like skateboarding, bike riding can be done
as an extreme sport. BMX bikers for instance, ride off
enormous ramps and are judged based on the tricks they are
able to perform in the air.

3. Hot air ballooning:

For those of you looking for a thrill without having to do
any work, why not go for a hot air balloon ride? Hot air
balloon rides are the perfect way to explore the skies of a
city. Take someone for their birthday, anniversary, or just
for fun and enjoy a champagne toast in flight. Balloon
pilots are well trained and will take care of everything for

4. Horseback riding:

Horseback riding is one of the world's oldest pastimes.
Traditionally horses were used to travel short distances.
People would either saddle up and actually ride the horse
themselves, or they would attach a buggy, which they could
sit in. Today, horseback riding is done mostly as a pastime.
While some people who live in rural areas do it for fun,
others are much more serious. There are riding competitions
all over the world, including the Olympics, with many
competitive categories to choose from.

So there you have it, a few examples of thrilling rides.
Some old, some new, some extreme.

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