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Kmart Commercial With Half-Naked Men Causes Stir

posted 19 Nov 2013, 16:12 by Mpelembe   [ updated 19 Nov 2013, 16:13 ]

U.S. retailer Kmart stirs up a holiday controversy with a commerical for Joe Boxerunderwear featuring half-naked men shaking their hips.

 (SEARS HOLDINGS CORPORATION) -  U.S. retailer Kmart has given new meaning to the phrase 'ring in the holdays.' The company has released a Christmas-themed commercial featuring six half-naked men, shaking their hips to the tune of "Jingle Bells."

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The ad is designed to promote the Joe Boxer brand of underwear, and begins with the men wearing tuxedos and ringing bells from behind a table. The table then moves to show the men pant-less, wearing only boxer shorts. They then begin to shake their hips to the classic Christmas tune.

Viewers have had mixed reactions to the commercial, posting their opinions on the retailer's Facebook page. While some praise the ad as "hysterical" and "fun," others have called it "racy," "offensive," and "disrespectful."