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Kissing marathon begins in Thailand to break the World Record

posted 13 Feb 2011, 05:07 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 13 Feb 2011, 05:09 ]

14 couples lock lips in a kissing marathon in Thailand's Pattaya hoping to break the 32-hours World Record.

PATTAYA, THAILAND (FEBRUARY 13, 2011) REUTERS - The kissing marathon kicked off in Thailand on Sunday (February 13) ahead of the Valentine's day, to break a 32-hours World Record.

Fourteen couples including a gay couple from across the country gathered at the beach resort town of Pattaya to take part in the competition which started at 6 a.m. local time (2300GMT).

The couples were each given a space of one square metre space (3.2 square feet) in which they have to spend more than 32-hours together without leaving except going to the toilet.

The couples have to lock lips at all time. If the lips part, they will be disqualified from the competition.

The winner will receive a diamond ring worth 50,000 baht ($1600 U.S. dollars) and a 100,000 baht ($3,300 U.S. dollars) cash prize.

Many participants took part to show their love and to mark this year's Valentine's day, although kissing in public is quite unusual in Thailand.

"I just participate for fun and I'm looking forward to kissing for long time," said 32-year-old German Felix Werth.

The organisers tried to make it as comfortable as possible, especially for a couple like Werth and his Thai girlfriend, who have a 33-centimetre (13 inch) height difference. She stood on a box during the contest.

The event attracted many people who wanted to have their names in the world record, or just for the experience.

"I want to try and see if I could break the record or not. It's an experience which I don't care if I will win or not," said 51-year-old Rungnapa Rojchananawin (pron: Roong-na-pa Roat-ja-na-nar-win) who come along with her 39-year-old boyfriend.

When the whistle blew the couples started kissing each other in an effort to break the previous longest-kiss world record set by Germany in 2009 of 32 hours, 7 minutes and 14 seconds.

"I just want to show my love to my boyfriend and everybody who are in love on Valentine's day," said 31-year-old Nonthawat Charoenkesornsin (pron: Non-ta-wat Ja-roen-gay-sorn-sin) before the event started.

During the event, the couples were not allowed to sit, sleep or leave the venue. They also have to continue kissing while using the toilet, with staff accompanying them to make sure of that.

They can take water and food through straws only while their lips are locked.

"The couples, who joined the longest kissing world record, are people who are in love. They want to be part of history by entering this competition to show their love. They want to create a new world record which shows they can hold the longest kiss in the world," said the marathon kissing organiser Somporn Narksuetrong (pron: Som-porn Nark-sue-tong).

As time went on some couples dropped out.

A woman participating with her boyfriend, both from Ratchaburi province, fainted after just 34 minutes. Some left after a few hours.

"I could not make it anymore because my neck is hurting," said Amporn Ketmao (pron: Am-porn Gate-mao).

Another couple left after five-hours

The event due to continue until Monday (February 14) afternoon to see if any one of them breaks the existing record.