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Kanye West fans camp out for new shoes

posted 8 Jun 2012, 16:06 by Mpelembe   [ updated 8 Jun 2012, 16:07 ]

Kanye West fans camp out for two weeks in front of shoe store to be among the first to buy the latest edition of the rappers design by Nike.

The hype for Kanye West latest achievement has reached a new extreme this week.
Fans have lined-up in person and online, not for the hip-hop artist's latest record or concert tickets, but for Kanye's latest shoe - the 'Air Yeezy II' designed by the singer himself.

In New York City, devotees have spent two weeks waiting outside a shoe store in Midtown despite signs in the window declaring they will not have the shoe, which become available Saturday (June 9) morning.

"They just put it up recently. It doesn't mean anything yet. I don't believe it. I'm not believing it. It was confirmed before, now I'm not believing it," said Kanye West fan, Niko Jackson from Brooklyn, who tracked down where the shoe would be sold.

He and a group of like-minded "sneakerheads" have spent eleven days outside a Dr. Jay's shoe store near Herald Square.

"We've been here in the rain, the cold. Everything. Look this is our house right here," said one fan named Prince pointing to a stash of folding chairs and sleeping bags.

"We have tents. In the middle of the night, we'll get in the tents and it will be even colder. It's cold," added another of the group.

The limited edition shoe that retails for $245 (USD) is the second time since 2009 that Kanye has designed a shoe for Nike, which he often sports in his music videos. The artist has already worn the new edition Air Yeezy for several months.

The build up for the shoe's release has set eBay on fire with pre-order bids reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars.