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Iowa newborn weighs in at over 13 pounds

posted 31 Jan 2012, 05:23 by Mpelembe   [ updated 31 Jan 2012, 05:23 ]
DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 30, 2012) (NBC - An Iowa mother is finally getting a little rest after giving birth to a big baby boy!

Kendall Stewardson already had a child come into the world at 12 lbs.

This week, she topped that with the birth of Asher.

She delivered the child nine-days overdue and with *natural* delivery in just 6-hours at 13 lbs., 12 ounces!

New mother, Kendall Stewardson said, "So, everyone like double takes when they see him, but for us it`s pretty standard and it wasn't much worse than probably most people`s."

"And just to have two that had absolutely no issues, we`re definitely very blessed that way," added new father, Joshua Stewardson.

Nurses believe Asher is the largest baby delivered without a c-section or epidural in the hospital's history.