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Learn 10 Indicators of Domestic Abuse

posted 26 Sept 2010, 08:06 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 26 Sept 2010, 08:07 ]

It's sad but true that many times cases of domestic abuse
continue without intervention. However, if anything is to be
done to combat this problem, people must accept that it
happens and learn to notice its signs and symptoms. Help for
victims of domestic abuse is available to anyone who seeks
it; they just have to want it. Once victims get help they
can put the pieces together and move on to lead happier,
more empowering lives.

For some people healing comes when they learn a few new
martial arts moves at a group class. For other victims
prolonged counseling and group therapy may be in order.

So what is domestic abuse? Domestic abuse is the pressuring,
controlling, and dominating behavior displayed by one partner
over another. When this turns violent and physical, it is
referred to as domestic violence.

Partners who resort to abuse and violence are really just
looking for ways to control someone else. Their primary
weapons are fear, guilt, intimidation, and shame. They use
them frequently and often use threats to make their victims
give in and do only what they want. When friends and family
try to help you get out of the situation, they are often met
by the same abusive behaviors.

Domestic violence and abuse are common problems and they are
not limited to any particular group. Men and women can both
be victims, and abusive behavior can occur among
heterosexual as well as homosexual couples. No matter what
the circumstances, however, everyone has the right to feel
safe and be respected as a person.

Indicators of Abuse

The following are common symptoms found in abusive

1. Your partner displays very possessive behavior and is
often jealous

2. You change your behavior because you are worried you will
anger your partner and there will negative, even violent
consequences for your actions.

3. You feel that you did something to deserve mistreatment.

4. Your partner tells you that you are the reason why he is

5.  Your partner always yells at you.

6. Your partner publically blames you and humiliates you.

7. If you try to leave, your partner threatens to harm you
in some way.

8. Your partner uses threats against your children to get
what he or she wants.

9. You often feel helpless and suffer from depression.

10. Your discounts your opinions and accuses you of making
no contributions to the relationship or family.

Get out. Move on with your life.

Moving on takes a different shape for each victim. Some feel
the need to move to a new home and even a new city. Getting a
new apartment and focusing on making it on their own gives
them a form of therapy. Some develop new hobbies and try new
things like Martial Arts Training. It helps people who have
had to repress who they are when they can do what they want
without fear of retribution. Still many will need the aid of
a family, friends, and a mental health professional to
overcome the emotional and psychological damage from abuse.

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