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How Chinese people understand happiness

posted 30 Sept 2012, 08:17 by Mpelembe   [ updated 30 Sept 2012, 08:17 ]

China-Happiness/Understanding -- How Chinese people understand happiness

CCTV BEIJING - Ordinary people all over China are expressing their understanding of happiness in front of the camera during the ongoing eight-day holidays of the Mid-Autumn Festival (on Sept. 30) and National Day (on Oct. 1).

Millions of people working and living far away from their hometown are heading home to celebrate the holidays with their families. They feel they are happy.

"I'm going home to spend the holidays with my mother," said a passenger at Beijing West Railway Station.

Those who can't return home also feel happy about their present living conditions, though they badly miss their relatives.

"I'm happy to work here. I have not much regret in my life. I just miss my child at home," said a sanitary worker in Beijing.

To senior people, their happiness lies in a relaxed life and the well-being of the next generations.

"I'm very happy now. I have a good spirit at such an old age and my children are enjoying their life. Every one in my family is having a good life," said a senior resident in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

As for the newly-weds, their happiness can be clearly read from their smiles.

For them, the happy life has just begun and they hope to spend the rest of their life together.

"It's happiness if we present our life as it is to other people. It's happiness as what's been said in the TV series Beijing Youth, 'If you don't leave me, I will never let you go'. Look, we are very happy," a bridegroom said with all smiles.

While most people can spend the eight-day "Golden Week" holidays with their families, many overseas workers have to stick to their positions.

They express good wishes to their families in front of the camera.

"I wish them happiness at home. I want to tell them not to worry about me and that I am doing well in my job," said a Chinese employee of a company in Nairobi, Kenya.

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