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Hip Flasks a History

posted 25 Nov 2010, 11:40 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Nov 2010, 11:41 ]

A hip flask is a little object which is designed to fit in a
person's trouser pocket that is used to contain some sort of
alcoholic beverage.  There is usually a contour shape so that
the flask so that it will be able to fit against the thigh
snugly.  The type of beverage that it is usually used to
hold is some kind of alcoholic drink, more often than not a
spirit, something to warm one up on a cold day.  The type of
material that hip flasks are now usually made from is
stainless steel, often covered with leather or plastic.
However, it used to be made of silver, glass, or pewter.
Many people who have had it passed down from one generation
to another have usually done so because of the expensive
material that it is made of, like silver.  Many people also
collect and sell old / antique hip flasks.  Hip flasks are
also often given as gifts by businesses, and they are
usually personalized with special engravings, such as a
meaningful symbol or maybe phrase.

The first portable alcohol container

Hip flasks started out as portable alcohol containers in the
18th century, used commonly among the upper class.  They were
made from metal due to its durability and in some cases from
silver.  They also traditionally had elaborate engravings on
them.  In the 1920s in the USA is when the flask really
started making a name for itself.  The change that led to
this growth in popularity was the ban on alcohol that was
put in place during that time.  The design of the flask and
the ability to easily conceal it is what made people begin
to use it a lot more.  The illegal possession of alcohol
could be hidden from authorities by containing the alcohol
in one of these slim and small hip flasks.

Hip flasks very popular with soldiers

The popularity of the hip flask remained even after the
alcohol ban had been lifted in 1933.  It was one of the
staple items for soldiers during the Second World War.
People still continue to use hip flasks to this day.

People still use hip flasks to conceal spirits

The ability to conceal alcohol in it is still a big reason
for its popularity today.  This is because there are still a
lot of places in which the drinking of alcohol in any form is
banned in public.  Like their 1920 counterparts, a lot of
people use the hip flask today to conceal their consumption
of alcohol in public from the authorities.  However, that is
not the only reason for its popularity.  Hip flasks can also
be seen as status symbols and that is one of the several
reasons they are still in use today.

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