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High drama for Alexander McQueen spin-off

posted 21 Feb 2012, 09:02 by Mpelembe   [ updated 21 Feb 2012, 09:03 ]

Alexander McQueen's diffusion fashion line McQ gets theatrical for its inaugural catwalk show at London Fashion Week

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM - Dramatic clothes and a stage show to match.

At the McQ London Fashion week show on Monday (February 20) the catwalk was turned into a bed of leaves.

U.S. model Kristen McMenamy, cast as a wide-eyed innocent, followed a rope to a hut where she "signed her soul away to the devil", apparently descending into hell.

Model Kristen McMenamy, saying (English):

"In my mind I was thinking: "Don't fall, don't throw up. Don't fall, don't throw up. Don't fall, don't throw up."

REPORTER SAYING: "Now you can!"

MCMENAMY, SAYING: "Release! That's right! You know where they're going to find me tomorrow? They're going to find me tomorrow morning in this hut. The cleaner's going to say -- in the leaves! The cleaner's going to sweep up the leaves and I'll be under them."

The show was a "love story" according to the press notes, "a love of McQueen and a love of great British style".

This was seen in the military coats in olive green and navy blue, contrasted with ultra-feminine ball gown shapes.

Fabrics too were home-grown - felts, velvets, tartan, knits, shearlings and leathers.

Menswear included well-cut military jackets and coats, kilts and leather shirts.

Actress Salma Hayek, saying (English):

"I am very impressed. I've been spoiled. This is one of the best fashion shows I've been to."

And best of all, the chance for guests to play in the enchanted forest themselves.

Nickie Omer, Reuters.