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Greenpeace Calls For Luxury Brands To 'Detox Now'

posted 19 Feb 2014, 07:15 by Mpelembe   [ updated 19 Feb 2014, 07:16 ]

Greenpeace demonstrate against the alleged use of toxic chemicals by luxury brands at the launch of Milan's fashion week.

MILAN, ITALY (FEBRUARY 19, 2014) (REUTERS) - Greenpeace activists protested in Milan on Wednesday (February 19) against the alleged use of hazardous chemicals in children's clothing and shoes made by luxury brands.

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A few steps from the Duomo in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, five of the protesters wearing orange jumpsuits were lying on the ground whilst a further five were hanging on to the dome.

In a report issued just before Milan Fashion Week, Greenpeace said it found hazardous substances in products from Dolce & GabbanaGiorgio Armani,Versace, Hermes, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

The activists dropped a 100 square metre banner from the ceiling of the gallery, on which are depicted the Russian supermodel Eugenia Volodina and a young King clearly outraged by the presence of toxic substances in his clothes.

The banner read, "Beautiful Fashion, Ugly Lies ? # TheKingisNaked."

At the same time, other activists on the ground unfurled a banner with the message, "Versace, Detox now!", asking the Italian brand to clean up their own clothes.

"We are here to show the naked truth and join the little king in demanding toxic-free fashion for children everywhere," said Greenpeace activist Chiara Campione.

"It is time to sweep away the illusion and reveal this dirty little secret that fashion has. Companies such as Versace needs to live up to its reputation and commit to make clothes that we can all be proud of. Burberry and Valentino already committed to detox. What is Versace waiting for?" Campione added.

A few days ago Greenpeace International released a new report that alleges the same hazardous chemicals used by consumer brands are also used by luxury brands - such as Versace , Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana - to produce leaders of high fashion for kids.

They claimed the highest total concentration of polyfluorinated compounds (PFCs) was detected in a Versace jacket brand.

These substances, once released into lakes and rivers as a result of the manufacturing process or the washing of clothes, can accumulate in the environment and have been found even in the most remote regions of the planet. And some of them may interfere with the hormone system of humans and animals.

"I'd like to say that this seems very interesting, if they manage to achieve this it would be very good because health is very important and I think clothes should avoid causing damage to the skin, so it is interesting to understand this initiative," said Milan resident Marica Massai who had stopped to watch the demonstration.

Twenty companies that have signed the commitment, "Detox Greenpeace", with the aim of ensuring transparency in the supply chain, requiring its suppliers to publish data on discharges of hazardous chemicals and zero discharges of hazardouschemicals by 2020.