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Gaga for gadgets at the 2011 CES

posted 8 Jan 2011, 05:40 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 8 Jan 2011, 05:42 ]

The latest creations are unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics show from sunglasses that take photos to bathroom scales that measure body mass and fat.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES (JANUARY 07, 2011) REUTERS - Hidden among the shadow of technology heavyweights like Microsoft, Intel and Motorola, are row-after-row of gadgets, gizmos and unique designs that inventors are hoping to become the latest trend at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"At CES there is almost a show within a show, there is the big stuff we all hear about and then there is a lot of little guys, with little tables and the inventive things that they have either come up with themselves or licensed from some far off country somewhere," explained Dan Ackerman, editor at CNET.

"It is really the fun stuff that makes CES worth going to. So, we are spending a couple of hours just combing the dark corners of the big floors," he added.

Among the gadgets that seem to make sense include a pair of sunglasses that promise to turn your iPhone or other smart device into a wide screen, high-definition viewing experience.

"What our video eyewear does, is that you plug it into an iPod or portable dvd player and instead of watching on a small iPod screen, it is like taking that big screen TV that you have at home and taking it on the road with you so you have a virtual 67-inch screen from 10 feet away and it is all in a pair of sunglasses," said Mike Hazlett, of the Vuzix Eyewear.

One bathroom scale on display does more than just offer weigh-ins. It also provides other vitals including body mass and fat percentage. The information can then be downloaded to your computer so as to keep track of your progress or lack thereof.

Not everything though at the CES is high tech. In fact, one company has gone retro in offering record and cassette players that transfer your old music to the digital age.

"We said, hey there has to be a way to take the old music and transfer it into the digital domain, so they can use it with their current digital devices," said Adam Cohen of Ion Audio.

"That was really the spark and millions of turntables later, we have not only invented this category but expanded to other conversion products as well."

The Wall Wizard is an idea that should catch on with "couch potatoes." The wireless remote allows users to adjust their flat screen TVs through a motorized wall mat.

Those looking to get a very early start on those office holiday gifts may also want to check out the "Coz-e." Think of this as a heated electric "Snuggee" wrap blanket.

Among the more established names, Poloroid has teamed up with singer Lady Gaga in a few projects, including a pair of high fashion camera sunglasses that shows photos of what the wearing is seeing.

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show runs through Sunday (January 09).