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Fit Like A Teen At 40: 4 Ways To Engineer An Active Lifestyle

posted 10 Dec 2010, 03:50 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 03:52 ]

The older you get, the more of a necessity it becomes to
develop an active lifestyle.  In fact, I'd say that if you
wait too long, the harder it becomes to change the old,
sedentary habits you've built over a lifetime of living that
way.  So as each year goes by, the more you need to think
about sitting down and making a decision that fitness needs
to become not a goal but a lifestyle habit that never dies.
Whether or not you are hitting 40, the best way you can do
that is developing the habit of activity.

Consider using lifestyle hacks to do just that—why
work hard at fitness when you can work smart?  Here are 4
ways to do just that.

1.  Ride a Bike

How much easier could it get to work fitness into your life
than to start riding a bike to work?  Of course, this
usually requires living somewhat close to where you're
employed, but many people don't realize how close they
actually live until they actually give it a go.

Riding a bike is perhaps the most healthy, efficient forms
of transportation known to modern man, and simply making the
choice to forgo a car and start pedaling around when possible
can do wonders for your wallet and your life without a lot of

2.  Nights or Mornings at the Gym

This might seem like a moot point—after all, we all
know we need to spend more time in the gym—but don't
think of your new gym membership as a race to fitness
excellence.  Instead, think of it as a lifestyle habit you
need to form.

In fact, I suggest not even going there with the aim to get
a workout at first.  Instead, make it a night where you and
your family heads down to play around—maybe by
shooting some basketball, going for a swim in the pool, or
spending some time in the racquetball courts.

The aim isn't to get yourself ready for competitive sports;
the aim is to develop a routine where you go out and move
around a little bit.  Later, you can push it harder, but for
now just focus on building a habit of activity.

3.  Pick Up Healthy Hobbies

Another great way to work more activity into your life is to
put some thought into the types of hobbies you develop.
Instead of spending all your time on the Internet, playing
video games, or watching televisions, try to adapt some
hobbies that get you breathing.

Take up hiking or rock climbing.  Buy a surfboard.  Join a
martial arts school.  The easiest path to fitness is that of
the weekend warrior.

4.  Saturday Hoop Games

Another great way to get that fitness you need is to join up
with some old friends and start meeting up once, twice, or
three times a week to play a pickup game of a sport you
like.  It can be softball, flag football, rugby,
whatever…but I like basketball because of the overall
health benefits it provides as well as its timelessness.

No matter how old you get, basketball never gets old.

You might even consider checking out in ground basketball
hoops and setting up a small home court.  Then you can have
all the boys or ladies meet at your place so your basketball
nights don't take too much out of your schedule (not to
mention that home court advantage you can get by shooting
hoops when you have the inclination).

By incorporating some of these great fitness hacks into your
life, you can really reach fitness at any age, and if you've
got children, it is even more essential to start working
this type of healthy habit development now (especially with
the rate of childhood obesity these days).  Thanks to your
sweet little road bike, in ground basketball hoop, play
nights at the gym, and active hobbies, you will be fitter
than you were coming out of your teens.

And you'll love every minute of it…

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