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F1 drivers hit runway in Singapore wearing designer threads

posted 22 Sept 2012, 17:33 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Sept 2012, 17:54 ]

F1 drivers hit runway in Singapore wearing designer threads.

SINGAPORE (SEPTEMBER 23, 2012) (REUTERS) - Formula One drivers walked the runway in Singapore after the Saturday (September 22) qualifying rounds wearing clothes designed by Italian designers Brioni and Stefano Ricci.

The evening also showcased a one song performance by British singer Lemar, and a La Perla fashion show presenting the lingerie maker's new fall winter 2012 collection.

The main event saw designers Brioni and Stefano Ricci dressing the third drivers of F1 to showcase their new collection.

For team Redbull's third driver, Sebastian Buemi, being on the runway was a pleasant first.

"Actually it's the first time that I do it so it's just a new thing for me and definitely I discovered something and it was quite fun so liked it yeah," he said before commenting on the evening's qualifying rounds.

"Basically Lewis Hamilton is going to start on Pole with Maldonado and Vettel in third place so everything is going to be possible you know it's just qualifying we've seen so far this year, everything is open until the end of the race, it's just an indication of who is really quick but let's wait and see tomorrow," he added.

Another driver on the runway believed Hamilton could win the race tomorrow.

"Well I think obviously after qualifying Hamilton did a really good job and I think he is going to be really strong in the race so it's going to be tough for the drivers and I'm sure they will make everything to beat him but I'm sure he's really strong here," said Jules Bianchi, third driver for force India-Mercedes.

Sunday's (September 23) race will be the fifth Singaporean edition and Lewis Hamilton will try to win it for the second time after snatching victory in 2009.