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Europe sizzles under spring sun

posted 20 Apr 2011, 09:34 by Mpelembe   [ updated 20 Apr 2011, 09:36 ]

Europeans bask in rare burst of hot weather, with temperatures in northern Europe topping those on the Mediterranean.

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (APRIL 20, 2011) REUTERS - Ice-creams, bathing suits and cold beers -- Europeans were beating the heat on Wednesday (April 20) as temperatures soared across Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Germans took advantage of the rare heat by heading to local parks as the heat hit Frankfurt with an unusual high of 29 degrees and forecasts showing the trend continuing over Easter weekend.

Brussels was reported to be warmer than Barcelona which reached a high of only 18 degrees today whereas Brussels sizzled around 25 degrees, and according Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI) the summer weather is expected to continue until the end of the week.

Frances Migasze, a local resident said the unpredictable Belgian weather had stopped surprising her.

"The weather in Belgium is no surprise anymore. The surprises are over. You never know what to expect even when you listen to the weather forecast, you can't be sure," she said.

In Paris, tourists and residents took in the view of the Eiffel Tower as they passed by it on an open-top tour bus or picnicked on the lawns.