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Epic struggle between birds and pigs moves into Space

posted 10 Mar 2012, 07:32 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Mar 2012, 07:32 ]

The struggle between birds and pigs moves into Space as NASA helps to introduce Angry Birds Space from the International Space Station. NASA astronaut Don Pettit teaches some basic physics principles, while launching an angry bird through the ISS.

IN SPACE  (ROVIO HANDOUT - The conflict between birds and pigs has gone galactic. The popular video game, Angry Birds Space, will soon be released, and how best to introduce it? Aboard the International Space Station, of course.

Rovio, the Finish company, which produces the game, teamed up with NASA to promote the game.

NASA astronaut Don Pettit used the opportunity to provide a basic physics lesson, while using Angry Birds characters at props. Using an elastic chord, Pettit launched an Angry Bird into zero-gravity, and through the International Space Station.

Angry Birds Space will be available on March 22, 2012.